Lost Pattern-Born to Redefine Silk (New NYC Brand)

Lost Pattern-Born to Redefine Silk (New NYC Brand)

Lost Pattern is a New York City-based designer accessory brand that redefines silk to be
modern, fun, and accessible for every identity and expression.

In 2021, Lost Pattern introduced a vibrant and colorful collection of square scarves, bandanas, twillies, and shawls that transformed the designer’s stories into wearable art.

Lost Pattern

Photos: Joshua Colón and Runxi Wang

Lost Pattern is comprised of a team of talents with different backgrounds who work together to introduce the new world of silk scarves in New York City, the capital of art, fashion, culture, and diversity. Co-founders Cata Cheng and Yong Wang honor traditional silk-making craftsmanship while fusing the diverse spirits and backgrounds in the designs.

Community: “Join us to celebrate who you are in the language of silk.” Lost Pattern strives to build a community for everyone to express themselves through colors, patterns, and styling. They welcome different communities to collaborate and use patterns as a medium to communicate.

Design & Craftmanship: The hand-drawn designs are inspired by diverse architecture, colors, and emotions. Lost Pattern honors the unparalleled craftsmanship from traditional silkscreen printing to the newest digital printing technology that allows double-sided printing with different colors and designs. Lost Pattern’s square scarves and shawls highlight the artisanal silk-making process with hand-rolled and hand stitching edges.

Environmental Conscious: Lost Pattern pledges to be a conscious and slow fashion with timeless designs and materials. All silk products are made from 100% mulberry silk, free from chemicals, and biodegradable. Mulberry silk is stronger, smoother, and lighter, making it the most durable of all silk. The brand is committed to plastic-free packaging and promises an eco-friendly practice.

Silk Scarves Price Range: USD 38 – USD 119


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