Loop Earplugs Launches The Elements Edition, A Limited-Edition Color Drop Curated For The Here And Now.

Loop, the Disruptor earplug brand, has dropped its first limited collection, the next step in a push to make innovative, comfortable earplugs a fashion staple.

For a limited time, cornerstone products Loop Experience and Loop Quiet are available in a palette of four eye-catching colors currently making waves in the worlds of art and fashion.

Your vibe, your look, your world

Loop is leading the charge to normalize earplug use, with over a million satisfied users around the world. With the Elements Edition, the brand proves that style and comfort can go hand-in-hand, too. These have always been key pillars of Loop’s identity – and this first limited-edition drop is the next step in empowering users to incorporate earplugs into their personal style.

Loops complement any experience – whether enhancing festivals, facilitating focus or helping users gain control over their surroundings. The Loop Elements Edition empowers users to live out loud and let Loops complement their style, too. By incorporating splashes of color that reflect the current vanguard of fashion and design.

The Elements Edition

Colors that tell your story

The Loop Elements Edition consists of four colors: Sweet Lilac, Still Olive, Midnight Mercury and Digital Cobalt. Their names capture the elemental nature of sound, color and the science of innovation. And the campaign’s imagery was shot by visionary fashion photographer Stig De Block, known for his bold and imaginative use of color. The new palette is available for both Loop Experience and Loop Quiet earplugs.

Loop Experience earplugs are designed for low-level noise protection, offering 18 decibels of coverage without muffling. This is thanks to their innovative acoustic channel combined with a mesh filter – perfect for live events and musical performances. Loop Quiet earplugs are designed for focus and sensory management, offering 27 decibels of coverage.

With sights set on future limited-edition drops, Loop is committed to continually innovating the look, sound and feel of the earplug. Empowering users to live in their element, at their volume.

Loop Quiet & Experience Earplugs are available for purchase in Loop Element Edition colors from 23 August, at www.loopearplugs.com.


Loop is a Belgian scale-up that makes it possible to ‘Live life at your volume’ – by developing smart, reusable earplugs that give users control over excess sound. Antwerp natives Maarten Bodewes (36) and Dimitri O (36) founded the company in 2016. The New York Times has named Loops ‘the best earplugs for concerts.’ The company’s explosive growth has translated into 1 million earplugs sold around the world, with top sales in the US and customers in more than 150 other countries.

All of Loop’s products are tested extensively according to standard guidelines and practices. Loop earplugs are an officially certified form of hearing protection in line with European and American (ANSI) law covering personal hearing protection devices and personal protective equipment (PPE).


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