Living La Dolce Vita: Interview with Fragiacomo CEO Federico Pozzi Chiesa

Interview with Federico Pozzi Chiesa, CEO Fragiacomo

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Massimo Pozzi chiesa and Federico Pozzi Chiesa

Roman Holiday

Dante Fragiacomo arrived in Rome in the 1950s, boasting noble artisanal origins dating back to the late 1940s, when the very first family shop was opened by his father, Sebastiano in Cividale del Friuli. The exquisite quality of its products gained the brand a customer base from the world of art, film and culture, seeking exceptionally manufactured products that featured a bold character.

In 2010, Federico and Massimo Pozzi Chiesa took over the brand with the specific goal of preserving its high profile, ensuring continuity between the storied past of the brand and its new evolution.

The new management has put in place an international development plan for the brand through the outlining of a new corporate image and a renovated product identity. Fragiacomo is dedicated to cosmopolitan women and men inspired by glamour and style, who have a keen eye for details and Italian handmade quality.

The Event

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Q: Fragiacomo will take part in the 75th Venice International Film Festival. How?

Fragiacomo has partnered with the Fondazione Mimmo Rotella Award, which takes place during the Venice International Film Festival. It’s a prize awarded to the films and protagonists that symbolically pursue the research of the Italian artist in the marriage between visual arts and film.

Fragiacomo has partnered with the Fondazione Mimmo Rotella Award

FW 18/19 Collection

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Fragiacomo participates in the event every year, and among the winners awarded by the brand during the last years were such great actors as George Clooney, James Franco, Paolo Sorrentino, Jude Law, and many others.

Q: Fragiacomo and the cinema is a partnership that dates back to the origins of the brand. How did it start?

In the jet-set of the Roman Dolce Vita, as well as with Milan’s haute bourgeoisie, Fragiacomo has always been the choice of illustrious protagonists of the big screen.

The Milan and Rome boutiques used to attract internationally renowned artists like Valentina Cortese, who appreciated elegant boots and pumps, as well as the great actors such as Tony Renis, Bud Spencer, and Kirk Douglas.

Q: Which celebrities who have chosen Fragiacomo are you most proud of?

Television and film influential characters choose Fragiacomo to express their unique and original style. James Franco, Paolo Sorrentino, Jude Law, Alessandra Mastronardi, Cristiana Capotondi, Ashley Green, and Virginia Raffaele are just some of the movie celebrities who wore Fragiacomo accessories.

Q: From La Dolce Vita to contemporary times: how do you find balance between your long-heritage and the needs of the present time?

The path of Fragiacomo evolves preserving its strong DNA and translating it into iconic models that retain the memory of over 60 years of know-how combined with contemporaneity, innovation and Italian quality. For example, the laser cut models refer to the historical archive of the maison reinterpreted, however, in a modern and captivating design and proposed in different heights and variations. As well as the buckle – the signature detail of Fragiacomo is reinterpreted in every upcoming collection in a new and contemporary way.

Q: Who is the most iconic contemporary muse for Fragiacomo?

Fragiacomo woman lives a dynamic life, succeeds in career, is talented in many ways and has a strong character.

Q: What is the Art of Handmade?

Quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity are the mainstays of the brand encountering the relentless evolution of its products. A cultural manifesto handed down from generations of experienced craftsmen, who make the magic cherished in every Fragiacomo product reality. The alchemy of excellent technique and pure creativity.

Every Fragiacomo accessory is the result of a long labour of manual precision. The work of Italian artisans contributes to the creation of each piece that acquires its uniqueness from the uncompromising craftsmanship of every process of its production.

Q: What are the iconic models of the 2018-2019 Fall Winter collection? Do you merge traditional (like handcraftsmanship) and modern (like laser) techniques?

In the upcoming Collection FW1819 Fragiacomo brings back the signature details such as the iconic floral embroidery that is proposed in ton sur ton combinations this time, laser cut models that refer to the historical pieces and are reinterpreted in different forms and heights and moccasin with the crystal buckle that is almost a quote of the authentic piece but proposed in new colors and materials. Fragiacomo collections always combine the elegance of it’s heritage and the innovative approach in the choice of materials and techniques.

Q: What are three adjectives that define Fragiacomo?

Traditionally innovative, contemporary luxury, strong character.


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