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Chris Lavish
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Less Mean Streets: Backstage at Gypsy Sport NYFW FW17

Backstage at Gypsy Sport

Intro by Pablo Starr

There’s something just a little pretentious about the term “MADE Tribe” (MADE, of course, being the division of IMG entrusted with the production of the “coolest” shows on a world-class roster).

But there was nothing reprehensible in a joyously fun show from Gypsy Sport produced by MADE (and MADE “tribespeople”), inspired by street protests and people who call the street their home. Or the fact that a part of the show’s proceeds were given to the Bowery Mission.

If the show’s intent was to be a celebration of life, it was certainly a success, as the feeling of joy, and unbridled creativity, was in full effect.

If the show’s intent was to be a celebration of life, it was certainly a success.

The show presented a notion on the furthest end of the social continuum from “tribe” — a concept linked to “me on the inside,” “you on the outside,” “otherness,” and every other form of useless conflict.

This was a reminder that we are all one big human family, full of frailties and vulnerability, and every kind of odd-ballery.

A world where — like the “new fashion” — all are welcome to the party.

A Glimpse Backstage by Chris Lavish

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(Photos: Chris Lavish)

For more on this show, we recommend Chioma Nnadi‘s excellent writeup in the “mother of all inclusiveness,” Vogue.


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