LA-Based Swimwear Brand, Axil Swim, Celebrates the Decades with A New Retro-Inspired Collection at Paraiso Miami Swim Week 2023

Taking viewers on an immersive journey through the decades, the collection showcased a multitude of looks inspired by themes of Earth Wonder, Flower Power, Retrograde, Up to Par, and Dreamland
Axil Swim, the renowned Los Angeles brand, dazzled guests at Paraiso Miami Beach on Sunday, June 11 with the debut of their latest swim collection. Taking viewers on an enchanting journey through the decades, the collection showcased a multitude of looks inspired by themes of Earth Wonder, Flower Power, Retrograde, Up to Par, and Dreamland. Each vibrant collection embodied the spirit of its era, allowing individuals to express themselves with confidence and style.

Axil Swim’s Earth Wonder collection brought forth a blend of neutral earth tones, designed to complement and flatter a wide spectrum of skin tones. Flower Power exuded a carefree soul through its feminine hues and floral patterns, capturing the essence of freedom and self-expression. The playful vibes of Retrograde transported viewers back to an electric night of roller skating in the early 70s, while Up to Par celebrated the emerging trends of the new millennium, paying homage to the fashion and style of the early 2000s. Lastly, Dreamland embraced a whimsical spirit by blending lavender and pink hues with deep jewel tones like navy and red.

Axil Swim

In addition to the captivating collections, Axil Swim unveiled an exclusive swim week capsule, available for pre-order. This capsule effortlessly combined metallics and intricate prints to create a chic modern silhouette, allowing wearers to embrace the latest trends while expressing their individuality.

Founder of Axil Swim, Bryan Skowronek, stated, “When you are wearing Axil, you can BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

With this collection, Axil Swim aims to empower individuals to embrace their multifaceted nature, encouraging them to be whoever they want to be at any given moment. This philosophy of versatility and self-expression has consistently pushed the boundaries of swimwear fashion, making Axil Swim a true industry innovator.

The see now, buy now collection is exclusively available for purchase through Axil Swim’s official website at

About Axil Swim

Axil Swim is a Los Angeles-based swimwear brand known for its innovative designs and vibrant colors. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of swimwear fashion, Axil Swim empowers individuals to express their true selves and embrace their multifaceted nature. To explore Axil Swim’s collections, visit


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