Junko Shimada – Spring Summer 2020 “Lady Butterfly”

Junko Shimada – Spring Summer 2020 “Lady Butterfly”

Represented by Favori.

As a nod to life, Junko Shimada takes inspiration from Malcom McLaren’s “Lady Butterfly”. An experimental anthem inspired by Puccini’s opera, mixing genres and influences, this new collection takes up the codes.

Colorful, exotic, flowery Junko Shimada surfs on prints evoking or inspiring sensations, visions close to that of a psychedelic state.

Junko Shimada

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It is in this vegetal Eden that the butterfly, represented by the star Marie Agnès Gillot, surrounded by models walking from room to room, others languishing at the foot of a tree, hatches as would a woman assumed, sensual, sweet but strong at the same time.

The most Parisian of the Japanese with the artist Cyprien Chabert has recreated a nature as lush as pleasing where plants and flowers from all continents, come to caress with a veil of tulle, brush with a breath of organza, warm up mesh or protect with a cotton dive.

Bright whites in coats on long gray jersey dresses. Gold sequined tank tops sit on prom dresses as light as the flutter of a butterfly. Chocolate suits, bronzes, caramels and blues. These creations sharpened to be mismatched, revisited, diverted or merged such as an 80s RnB opera would be !


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