Interview with Actor Victor Turpin

By Misha @ FTL Moda / Photos: Claudio Carpi for FTL Moda

Interview with Victor Turpin

You immediately feel a warm, positive, embracing energy when you meet him. It almost seems like you’ve always known him.

His kindness and genuine approach lend a touch of freshness to the exchange, and the conversation immediately becomes easy and pleasant. Despite his handsomeness and his imposing physique, he has no diva attitude.

His 2018 was interesting, marked by impactful activations. The highlight was his Season 3 SHADES OF BLUE role with icon Jennifer Lopez. The series currently airs on NBC.

2019 will present many new opportunities to appreciate Victor’s craft with several appearances, among them the sitcom SPEECHLESS on the ABC Network, the soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES on NBC, the comedy MURDER MYSTERY on Netflix, and the thrillers MA and GREENLIGHT in theaters.

We took a moment to chat with Victor while he’s enjoying a few days of vacation before January puts him back on his typically hectic schedule.


Q: You are quite tanned, and you look well rested. How do you feel?

I feel great, thank you! Ready for the holidays and 2019. And about the tan, well, I get dark really quickly. One day of sunshine and I look like I’ve been one week on vacation in the Caribbean.

Q: You have been working hard increasing the intensity and rhythm of your presence behind the lens. How do you keep your audience engaged during off-time (from movie to series, etc?)

Well, I have been working hard this year for sure. As an actor you should always keep working on your craft, so I still do acting workshops, train with a dialect coach, etc. Of course, keeping my personal life going as well, making time for family, friends, social events, travel, and my physical fitness. And in all of these things I find enough material to share on social media, mostly on Instagram… and many of these posts are usually of me being a clown.

As an actor you should always keep working on your craft

Q: Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin? Or what are your socials? And how important are they today to grow a celebrity status, and maintain it? How much time do you dedicate to your socials?

I started with Facebook, but now I’m more of an Instagrammer (@victorturpin). I think it’s the case these days that if you are in the entertainment business you need to be active on social media.

It has become, in many aspects, a prerequisite for getting certain jobs, campaigns and even sometimes roles in film and television.

I usually spend around 30 minutes a day either looking at my friends posts, sharing posts of causes I support, or sometimes just watching cute pet videos. What can I say, I like animals, haha!

Q: We’ve read several interviews of yours, and everyone asks you about J Lo, what she’s like to work with, etc. (BTW, we love Jennifer!). But, in reality, you have worked with several celebrities, including a few Academy Awards winners. Was this inspiring for you? Do you feel Octavia Spencer, or Allyson Janey, had a particular impact on you?

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with; very sweet, always professional, and very down-to-earth. And always with that gorgeous smile on her face.

I think you always learn something from everyone you work with, it doesn’t have to be necessarily a big name. The impact Octavia and Allyson left on me is that even when you are at the top of your game, you can still be the fun, humble, and warm person you’ve always been.

you learn something from everyone you work with

Q: We saw how hectic your agenda is for 2019, and we are sure that a few surprises will come along! Give us a picture of you a year from now: what are the wishes you put under your Christmas tree?

My wishes are to stay healthy, to stay sane, and to still be surrounded by the ones I love … oh, and of course to be able to keep doing what I love, which is acting, songwriting and traveling.

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Photo: Claudio Carpi
Styling: Anthony Leroux
Production: Ilaria Niccolini for Fashion week Online


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