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Made for Strong Women: Meet Sachin & Babi Ahluwalia

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In the middle of yet another very hectic New York Fashion Week, we had the privilege of getting to know two amazing designers: the husband and wife team behind Sachin & Babi, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia. After an inspiring NYFW show (the SS18 collection was called “The Grand Bazaar,”) they were gracious enough to take time to answer some questions from Fashion Week Online.

Q: As a design team, you draw inspiration from strong women. You’ve been quoted as saying, (paraphrasing), “The world no longer dictates the way women dress; women dictate it.” How does the notion of strong women influence your designs?

It’s everything. Designing for women who lead full lives is our number one focus. We are so grateful we have our own brick and mortar store as well as our e-commerce, so we can really get to know our customer and hear what is important to her in terms of design.

Designing for women who lead full lives is our number one focus

Sachin & Babi Spring 2018


Q: Who do you see as your core customer? Who is the “Sachin & Babi woman?”

She is intelligent, multifaceted, and interested in quality over quantity. She balances work, family, and a social life. Dressing up is part of her life.

She is interested in quality over quantity

Q: Are there challenges to working together as a married couple?

We have worked together for the past 20 years, our parents also both worked together, so it is our normal. We make sure to leave work at the office. We divide and conquer, we have an understanding of each other’s day.

We make sure to leave work at the office.

Q: Tell us about the new collection. How is it similar to previous collections in terms of core themes? How is it different?

The Spring 2018 collection was inspired by the captivating energy of Istanbul as well as French fashion muse Loulou de la Falaise’s electric bohemian spirit. The collection celebrates diversity and the marriage of old world charm with effortless, contemporary style.

It is similar to previous collections because there is no shortage of bright, vibrant colors.

We are Indian, so color is in our DNA. This collection has the most beautiful pops of turmeric, sequins, blues, fuchsias, and saffron. It is different this season; we went out of our comfort zone and sourced original Ikat fabrics from Turkish artisans and it’s the first time we created our own handbags and shoes to go down the runway.

This season, we went out of our comfort zone

Q: Where do you want to go next?

We are launching an innovative Made to Order program this month focused on the Mother of the Bride. We just remodeled our Upper East Side boutique to make it more experiential, with a strong emphasis on our lifestyle.

We are launching an innovative Made to Order program

Q: What do you never want to change?

Our aesthetic. We want to be known as the designers that women count on when it comes to dressing up for life’s most important occasions.


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