How to Write a Perfect Essay for Fashion School

How to Write a Perfect Essay for Fashion School?

You might be surprised after you join a fashion school and soon your teacher asks you to write an essay. Fashion schools do not just deal with designing fabrics to produce the best apparel. There is personality, conduct, and etiquette that you must learn, although dealing with fabric takes the greater part.

Like any other college course, fashion schools assign essays to students and they are included in the final grading. As a result, a student in fashion school must never take their essay assignment lightly, but they should take time to read and research broadly before they begin to write a perfect essay.

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Keep reading widely

Fashion trends change often and if you are in a fashion school, you must update yourself with the latest trends. You will get to know what is trending by reading widely and often. Create a habit of studying modern art and grab yourself the latest fashion magazines and check the photos keenly as you read. Watch fashion shows on TV, YouTube, and social media and visit fashion blogs daily and read the latest posts.

Although fashion trends change fast, you must understand the history of fashion because some trends resurface after being dormant for many years. It will help you understand the reasons why some fashions die completely and others keep resurfacing after some time.

Include your personal experience

Fashion is all about an individual’s identity and personality. You must love fashion before you begin to create fashionable apparel for other people. Share some experience you have encountered in the fashion industry which can be an event you attended or your opinion on fashion trends.

You might also talk about a fashion you have tried out and how you felt being in that outfit. Sharing your personal experience about fashion trends will help the reader acknowledge that you are connected with fashion or you understand the fashion world.

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Be very creative

Fashion experts who have excelled in their field are those with a high level of creativity and those who keep playing tricks with fabric, trying out new designs until they achieve a trending design. The designers do not copy others, but they remain themselves and that is why they prosper.

You must be very creative if you want to write a perfect essay for fashion school. You may spend all the time reading fashion blogs, essays, magazines, and watching fashion shows, but you have to remain original.

Stick to your personality when expressing your points and crown them with an artistic or fashion concept. Let your piece of content be original and unique among thousands of other fashion essays. If you excel in your creativity, be consistent in practice and before you know it, you will be excelling at great heights.

Target the right audience and be relevant

Before you begin to write your essay on fashion, have in mind your target audience and address its need. Basically, your primary audience in a fashion school will be the teachers. They will be keen to test your writing skills and knowledge of fashion. Apart from skills and fashion, they will also test your grammar, language tone, and if you have followed the right essay writing structure.

Your next audience can be your college mates who might be interested in reading your essay. They will be seeking inspiration from your fashion essay and if it’s a unique essay, it can become the trending topic in school.

Your parents, siblings, or guardians can form another level of audience and they will be looking at how their son or daughter is performing in school. Have all these audiences in mind and address their need by being relevant to season and trends.

Proofread and format

Proofread your essay thoroughly and format it accordingly using all the available writing tools. Confirm that you have followed the correct writing structure and ensure that your work is not copied from any author.


It is not hard to write an essay for fashion if you take your time to read widely and watch the latest shows and videos on fashion. Learn to practice writing and develop patience with yourself because soon, you will become an expert writer.

In your writing, be open to the current fashion trends and relate to them and mention your experience with the trends and your opinion on what should be happening in the fashion world. Remember to talk about fashion concepts and be very creative and original in your writing. Lastly, proofread your work, check grammar and ensure it’s not plagiarized.