How to Dress Up a School Uniform or Dress Code Clothing With Pins

How to Dress Up a School Uniform or Dress Code Clothing With Pins

Most girls like to add something to make their outfits their own. Political buttons, religious pins, and brooches are usually allowed in US schools.

There are usually ways to follow a dress code and individualize the look of an outfit. Most religious or political pins are allowed under a student’s First Amendment Right of free expression.

Freedom of Speech

Students who are interested in discovering what decorations, pins, buttons, or badges are (probably) allowed in class should learn about the case Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District. The Tinker standard involves: Whether or not a student’s expression will cause a substantial disruption or interference with school activities.

Also, pupils should comb through their student manuals to see what exactly is allowed, disallowed, or not covered in the dress code brochure. In this case, the essay writer online considers that this may be a good time for a teen to sign up for debate club and get some help with understanding persuasive arguments.

In general, schools can’t ban political messages unless they are disruptive, indecent, or offensive.

Please do not use the ideas in this article to get into trouble in class. These are just suggestions about beautiful and artistic pins and buttons that might be acceptable. Check with the school administration if unsure. Don’t spend limited back-to-school clothing money on something that cannot be worn.

Religious & Political Buttons

In general, a student has more rights when wearing a pin or button that delivers a religious or political message. These are two areas to consider if a school is somewhat uptight about decorating one’s outfit. Do remember that schools are trying to curb gang violence, so don’t get into anything that could be controversial in this area.

When picking out buttons for esthetic design, check to see if there is a limit on how many buttons or pins are allowed. Although many people just throw buttons on with no forethought, a great artsy decorative effect could be achieved by using small 1” pins in a repeated pattern on a cardigan. Or, try using tiny flag pins in a row across a blazer pocket. Try adding color with teensy lapel pins repeated along (and defining) the edge of a lapel and collar. Or, use one fabulous pin on a blazer pocket to spice things up.

For decorating a backpack or book bag, think about repeating a theme (color, animal, shape, Victorian style, peace sign, hearts, etc.) to achieve a higher standard of elegance.

Beautiful Religious Brooches & Pins

These designs are artistically beautiful, but may not be administration-approved. Some of these pins are expensive and are shown for inspiration.

Christian Pins:

  • Lutheran Cross Pin
  • Butterfly Cross Pin
  • Shalom Dove Pin with Hebrew letters (the language of The Holy Land)
  • Dove of Peace by Artazia
  • Fleur-de-lis pins would be cute along the top of a pocket. Since Medieval Times, in England and France, the lily (lis) has represented the Virgin Mary.

Other Religious Symbols:

It’s probably okay to use any religious symbol(s). Double-check.

  • The Hamsa is an ancient amulet symbol, also known as The Hand of Fatima, daughter of Mohammed. This symbol is used in Islamic cultures, Judaism (Sephardic Jews use it to represent the 5 books of the Torah), Kabbalah, and more. Read up on it.
  • Lotus Flower Yin Yang Buddhist Button
  • Tree of Life is a symbol used in many cultures and religions: Ancient Egypt, Baha’i, Chinese Taoism, German Paganism, Norse mythology, Celtic symbolism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, ancient Native American Cultures and more. Pick one.
  • Shalom Peace Pin
  • Give Peace a Chance Pin
  • Native American Medicine Wheel
  • Mandala Pin: Mandalas are Hindu and Buddhist sacred art.
  • Heart With Any Religious Symbol

Students can make their buttons and can find designs at sites.

Cute Political Buttons

It is helpful for a pupil to research these areas:

  • The Student Manual
  • The First Amendment
  • Tinker and Related Cases
  • State and Local Laws
  • Political and Environmental Causes

Consider this to be prep work for law school. Moreover, do your homework and get to know school’s rules. This process is easier than find “someone to write my paper” as this search is one of the most popular among students. Not all education administrations are aware of different symbols and what they mean, so stay calm. Don’t do anything in class or academically to cause problems.

Here are pins and buttons that (probably) fall within the free-speech area:

  • Political pins are difficult to ban.
  • Anything about elections is usually considered freedom of speech.
  • Almost any Flag Pin should be respected.
  • Elephants represent the Republican Party. They can also be worn as eco-symbols. See This is an expensive pin, so take an art class or save up.
  • Eco-Save-The-Animal: Pick any animal and google “endangered (whatever).” There is a possibility that this pin could represent “Save the Monito Gecko”.
  • Save the Sea Turtles

The best thing a girl can do with a uniform is to make slight changes so she feels comfortable in it.


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