How the Fashion Industry Embraced Spirituality

How the Fashion Industry embraced Spirituality

Only a few decades ago, spirituality was considered something that could not be discussed in the context of fashion. However, as people increasingly look for meaning and depth in their lives, today’s designers are embracing this trend to create collections with a deeper sense of purpose.

In recent years many top designers have been incorporating symbols from nature into their work such as leaves or flowers which can often be seen on clothing tags or lining garments themselves. These natural symbols are said to represent life and rebirth while also reminding us about our interconnectedness with all living things on earth. In this article, we’ll examine how the industry has begun to embrace spirituality.

Fashion’s current stance on spirituality

Trends have shown that more people are embracing real and true philosophy than ever before. It’s become more apparent that the concept of selling based on aesthetics alone is no longer sufficient to grab the attention of consumers, and as a result, we’ve seen a migration towards a more centralized focus on wellness and spirituality. The fashion industry has slowly caught up to this, with more designers purposefully focusing their resources on raising inner awareness and healing. The main aim of this approach is to meld what goes into the body with what is worn on the body. There is no doubt that consumers buy into what a brand represents, and the fashion industry has ultimately adapted the spirituality philosophy as a path to transcendence. This is not limited to clothing alone but began with items such as crystals and more recently, even designer tarot cards that are more focused on the healing aspect that is commonly linked to the practice.

Why do people feel drawn to spirituality and religion?

Spirituality is one area that definitely means different things for different people, and you’ve probably come across people that admit to being spiritual but not religious. Regardless of opinion or personal feeling, the one thing we can agree on is that there certainly is a correlation between being religious or spiritual and good mental health. Whether it’s the use of yoga, crystals, psychics, or firm religious practices, these acts enable and facilitate deeper inner awareness, and a greater focus on everything around us. The psychology behind these practices shows that higher levels of spirituality are more intricately linked to qualities such as empathy, compassion, greater self-esteem, and improved relationships. People turn to love readings from psychic mediums like those on Mediumchat to fix their relationship or find the ideal way to approach somebody they’re seemingly interested in, and you can learn more here. Human beings are always in search of something better, constantly seeking answers from mediums and psychics to questions that most of us cannot discern the answers to, in the hope of healing and mental well-being.

How spiritualism in fashion changes our views

For most, fashion is an art that is worthy of expression and your outward appearance should match your inner disposition. Incorporating spirituality into fashion has opened a path for people to unashamedly express what they feel in their manner of dress, without any words necessary. This type of expression extends far beyond just body wear, with new-age practices seeing the convergence of fashion with mysticism to create a more meaningful and balanced lifestyle. There are many ways that spirituality can be incorporated into your wardrobe, and you will probably have noticed more designers using symbols like leaves or earthly elements in their designs. Others are migrating more towards using recycled materials and ethically sourced clothing that promotes more of a feel-good emotion about what you wear. This, without a doubt, encapsulates the concept of green earth, with each person being able to do their bit for the planet in some small way.

Buying into the concept of healing demands a lot of introspection – you have to acknowledge the pain to work on it. That’s not to say that embracing a spiritual approach to fashion will change anything overnight. However, it is no secret that you become more aware of something once you make a conscious effort to address it. Many purchases made today are more emotional than physical, and more designers and fashion stores have become aware that they also need to meet their clients on the same emotional level.


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