House of Aama Bloodroot: Into The Archives AW 2022

House of Aama Bloodroot: Into The Archives AW 2022

House of Aama presents, “Bloodroot Into the Archives:” AW 2022. A new rendition of the nostalgia inspired Heritage Bloodroot collection shown in 2017, which introduced the brand’s storytelling appeal and timeless silhouettes.

The collection is inspired by the rare herb bloodroot which has been used by old-time conjures and root workers as a powerful Guardian for the Family- An ode to Southern Creole spiritually and African Roots.

House of Aama Bloodroot

Photos: Jordan Tiberio

Reimagining the brand’s folklore narratives, “Bloodroot: Into the Archives,”is an archival find of the Rootworker, Southern lady and Bluesman archetypes unearthed for a new audience.

The mother-daughter design duo, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, explored the timeless, classic, silhouettes from the nostalgic Bloodroot collection by probing new colorways and patterns from the beloved Victorian lace dress, pussybow blouses, military workwear suit sets and jackets.

Lookbook Photography: Jordan Tiberio
Casting: Liz Goldson
Stylist: Tiffani Williams
Lead Assistant Stylist: Audra Gooch
Assistant Stylist: Myles Colbert
Womens Shoes: Melissa
Men’s Shoes: Dr. Martens

About House of Aama:

House of Aama explores the folkways of the Black experience by designing timeless garments with nostalgic references informed by historical research, archival analysis, and storytelling. We aim to evoke dialogue, social commentary and conversations around heritage and remembrance, and to shed light on nuanced histories.

The mother daughter duo started the company due to our collective interest in the cultural retention of storytelling, transference of storytelling narratives in the family context and the reclamation of these narratives within the Black community. They are particularly interested in how these narratives are expressed communally, spiritually and in the present time.


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