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Hardeman Spring 2018: London Fashion Week

Walk on the Wild Side: Hardeman London Fashion Week SS18

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If Lou Reed had a label, creating clothes for the cast of Transformer, it would probably look a little like Hardeman.

In the words of the press materials, “Hardeman uses denim to break conventions. The Amsterdam-based brand takes everybody’s favorite clothing piece and transforms it into deconstructed, gender-fluid clothes that couldn’t be further from your trusty 501s.”

This summer, Hardeman took denim to the highway, with a collection that plays on Route 66, that mythical highway that traveled two-thirds of the U.S., from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. Called ROUGE 66, the collection unveiled at London Fashion Week evinced a very focused vision, with a thrift-store chic appeal that calls to mind everything from Bob Dylan to New York punk.

Hardeman uses denim to break conventions

Hardeman: London Fashion Week SS18

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“ROUGE 66 represents those who choose their own paths, to move freely upon them. Inspired by the true and the daring, Rouge 66 means to be living life to its fullest.”

Indeed, Hardeman showcased a daring, fun collection. In our current climate of false revolutionaries and play-it-safe rebels, it’s a relief to see a designer who’s not afraid to take a walk on the wild side.


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