Gogo Graham Presents Autumn/Winter 2022 Runway Show

Gogo Graham Presents Autumn/Winter 2022 Runway Show

Gogo Graham showcased her Autumn/Winter 2022 Ready-To-Wear collection at Nowadays consisting of looks.

Fire rains down from the heavens in an act of erasure. Smoke curls in wispy tendrils turning reality into memory and ash, painting the sky black as it dances to screams it doesn’t hear. Placing one foot in front of the other, we move towards shelter, but are unable to ever return home again. The ground is imbued with final exhales, graves undug reveal the physicality of the shallowness of labored breath. Lights from eyes fade but as night falls, fireflies appear in their place.

Gogo Graham

Photos: David Gannon

Gogo Graham’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection is an ode to violent change and the beautiful irony of the fleeting moments of normalcy that exist within its throes. As we find ourselves still reeling from the upheaval, mental and physical, wrought by COVID19, Gogo takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s renowned 1980s film Grave of the Fireflies, drawing nuanced parallels between the ongoing pandemic and warfare itself.

Today in our isolated state, silence becomes sonorous. The things we long for are the things we once had, we trace the feeling of being held as if touch itself were a phantom limb. Gogo’s collections often toy with fantasy but this season, she subverts its definition to mirror the intangibility of the ordinary. Having become hyper-aware of the passage of time in an existence that is simultaneously stagnant and ceaseless, sound began to take on a defining quality in her work. One of the songs from Grave of the Fireflies titled “Home, Sweet, Home” became a landmark as she developed pieces to become more wearable by nature while still maintaining a hallmarked etherealness. Yet this wearability doesn’t translate to a muted monotony of basics, especially as we have seen the industry collectively shift towards exaggerated ideals. Gogo instead created pieces out of traditional Japanese yukatas harkening back to her roots and a corseted gown that is meant to give structure more than to cinch the body, allowing the wearer to feel like themselves in the garment versus being molded to fit into it. This sentiment is echoed in the casting (the show is self-cast) as Gogo cast individuals who she admired to model from a range of professions and backgrounds to create the sense of community she had been longing for as we continue to ride out the pandemic. This season Gogo’s fantasy is incarnated in every waking moment, for we are already home but perhaps it is home that has changed.


Styling: Gogo Graham
Make-up: Leah James
Production: Elspeth Walker
Casting: Gogo Graham
Shoes: Gogo Graham
Hair: Sonny Molina
Music: Serena Jara
Special thanks to Hunter Schafer


Gogo Graham is an interdisciplinary artist and founder of her eponymous fashion label. Since its inception in 2014, Graham’s label has garnered attention for utilizing discarded and recycled materials in the production of narrative driven collections and one off pieces that merge fantasy with the familiar. Special attention is given to proper fit for those who do not conform to industry exclusive sizing and fit range.


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