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Global Village: A Bigger New York Fashion Week

Fashion Without Borders: A NYFW Love Story

New York is a melting pot. So maybe it’s not so surprising that New York Fashion Week has become one,

Although NYFW is still the domain of some big American mega-names, such as Michael Kors or Calvin Klein, the field is widening, and the fact is that no one should take market supremacy for granted. Especially in a city (and still, mostly, a country) that embraces energy from beyond its borders.

no one should take market supremacy for granted

Globalization may be taking some small hits from frightened people around the word who want to remain in their little, imaginary tribes, but the truth is that globalization is inescapable. We have so much to give each other. And the fact is, the more we actually meet one another, the more similar we realize we are.

So maybe it’s also not so surprising that the people who complain about the NYFW schedule being “bloated” are mainly the status quo, who expect things to remain ever the same, and ever in their favor.

If only life had ever worked that way. So possibly it’s a bit ironic that some American designers attempt to flee globalization by showing in Paris, and run into the arms of globalization again.

Fortunately, the world has more than enough designers who are interested in being seeing for the first time. And thanks to producers like Art Hearts Fashion, Style Fashion Week, AMCONYC, FDLA, and IMG, international designers are traveling from their home countries in record numbers to show at New York Fashion Week.

According to the The Riviere Agency, who are handling a number of shows from NYFW: First Stage (among others): “Fashion has helped create bridges among designers for group showings, and dissolved barriers by offering a platform to celebrate their vision of beauty with the world. It has allowed us to submit ourselves to a designer’s perspective and see art through their eyes. While political and social issues have begun to shelter some views, platforms like fashion week have become monumental for international designers.”

platforms like fashion week have become monumental

This season, some international group shows to look out for include Indonesian Diversity (Group Show) and Fashion Palette (Australian Designer Group Show).

Other individual designers such as Galtiscopio, Vaishali S., Dan Liu, and Runa Ray are quickly becoming well-known fashion names.

These designers demonstrate that there are no borders in fashion.

Trends evolve, but the importance of fashion remains the same. More importantly, political vagaries and egos come and go, but the importance of people remains the same.

If we don’t stand together, we fall apart.


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