Get Goth! Different Types of Gothic Clothing Style

Get Goth! Different Types of Gothic Clothing Style

Although fashion styles are constantly evolving, there are certain trends that remain on runways and in street style. A very popular and distinctive one that seems to be drawing the eyes of many is gothic fashion.

In general, the gothic clothing style is characterized by dark, homogeneous and antiquated features. It is very dramatic and expressive as people are able to wear garments and accessories that give off the sense of mystery, spookiness and ghoulishness. This mainly includes dark clothing, dark makeup and nail polish, and spooky jewelry pieces such as a skeleton charm for men to spice up the looks.

Because this fashion trend is so unique, there are several gothic clothing styles out there that define different types of goths. So, whether you are planning to switch up your current personal style or simply want to learn more about gothic fashion, this article elaborates on the five different and most common types of gothic styles.

Traditional goth

As the name implies, the traditional gothic style is the most popular one as it is considered as the gothic culture’s pure form. It emerged around the ‘80s and ’90s which is why it is often confused with rock and punk trends of that time.

This type of goth style is typically marked by dark hairstyles and smoky eye makeup on pale skin, black ripped fishnets, grommet belts, leather boots, piercings and metal accessories such as chains and bracelets. As for the garments, traditional goths tend to wear black jeans and tops with some occult and dark world eerie images.

Romantic goth

The romantic goth style is another very common type of this fashion trend. Its main inspiration comes from early Victorian literature, art and general fashion styles which is why it is often referred to as Victorian goth style.

As the name suggests, it is all about love and romance combined with dark and mysterious features. This style predominantly includes black, velvety and lacey garments such as corset tops, long dresses, fishnet stockings and gothic veils, all of which are paired with black gloves and flowy crowns.
Romantic goths often decide to break away from the black monotony and add touches of other hues like red, orange and purple.

Hippie goth

The Hippie goth trend is similar to the typical hippie style from the ’60s. People who like this type live and breathe nature and are fierce eco-warriors and animal rights supporters. Therefore, their clothing styles follow the hippie fashion that includes imagery and symbols from the occult world and pagan religions with lots of dark and spooky elements.

The typical outfit often consists of long or dark-colored dresses or flowy tops and pants. Hippie goths also wear big rings, bandanas in black color and dark makeup such as cat’s eyes with bolder lips.

Pastel goth

Like every other fashion trend, gothic fashion has also evolved and pastel goth has become the newest type of this clothing style. Often linked to Kawaii fashion, this style includes a great combination of dark and soft pastel hues with traditional gothic accessories.

The most common features of pastel goth include ‘80s pastel T-shirts, Japanese manga, pink hair, striking eye makeup and kid jewelry such as brightly colored chokers. All of these elements are mixed with traditional gothic elements such as piercings and bright colored tattoos to give off a dark and creepy vibe. It’s a fashion that is often related to gothic Lolita.

Casual goth

Another recent type of goth fashion is the casual goth trend. This is a rather laid-back style as the overall fashion isn’t too much into the thematic gothic looks. Instead, such people like to experiment with different dark and spooky elements and combine them with casual everyday clothes.

Casual goths prefer wearing black color the most which is why their usual clothing consists of black jeans and tops. Their hairstyle is often long and straight and they don’t have any heavy makeup besides black lipstick. They complete their looks with mysterious jewelry pieces on their hands, arms, nose, ears and around their necks.

Final thoughts

The truth is gothic fashion is a very unique and diverse clothing style. The dark hues, lacey, velvety garments and spooky accessories are what makes this trend very unusual and appealing at the same time for many people.

But, the great thing about it is that you can incorporate other elements to it as well that will give off a sense of elegance and beauty while sticking to the basic features of the gothic style.

Of course, if you just want to add a little gothic element to your style, embroidery patches would be a great option. Just paste it on clothes or backpacks, and you can get unexpected effects. It will neither be overly conspicuous because it occupies too much area nor will it make you look undistinguished in the crowd. Choosing embroidery patches as the first step to try the gothic style can help you better adapt and transform your image. For example, put a pattern with darkness or a skull image on your everyday coat. If you want to be different from others, you can also choose custom embroidery patches, and add any elements you like to form your own embroidery pattern.

So, if you want to experiment with a new clothing style, you should try one of the different types of gothic fashion and be original.


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