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Pablo Starr
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FWO Edit: A Very English Christmas

Today’s FWO Edit: A Very English Christmas

A Very English Christmas-1Now “English” can mean a lot of things. When we say “English,” we mean a sort of pan-English Isles fantasy we have, that involves lots of friends who gather for fox-hunting on an English country estate: think Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey, except about 1/15th of the size. (Even in our fantasies we try to keep things realistic.) Except we don’t actually hunt the foxes; we all just try to take a photo. So it’s more like fox-startling. Though maybe that isn’t so nice, either. Apparently there are a lot of layers to this fantasy.

We wake up early in the morning as — one by one — our hale and hearty friends arrive on horseback, through the early morning mists. We gather in the great stone kitchen for a quick, hot breakfast before heading out on the moorland. Everyone’s decked up, and basically we go out riding around and goofing off.

Unfortunately, that’s about as in-depth as our imaginations go. But with that snippet of fantasy in mind, we found some of the stuff below: not all of it English, but most of it — we think — beautiful, adventurous, and fun. Full collection.

Full collection at FWO / Shopping Edit.

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