From Vogue to Villas: Dubai’s Real Estate Scene Gets a Fashionable Makeover

And here comes an interesting development with the Dubai Real Estate always on the move: now, fashion joins hands in the picture with the design, aesthetics, and lifestyle offering of the residential property. An apt descriptor for such a phenomenon is the ‘fashion makeover,’ which appeals to the imagination of luxury living in one of the most glamorous cities in the world.

These are the elements that make Dubai synonymous with luxury living, cosmopolitan living, and global cultures ahead-of-the-rest attitude to life. The new wave of development in Dubai might have all those elements, but it also has something more, and that is the perfect integration of haute couture sensibilities into the fabric of residential spaces.

The Intersection of Fashion and Architecture

The relation of fashion and architecture to the heart of Dubai’s fashion makeover is that of a symbiotic relationship. The two disciplines are pushed by creativity, innovation, and a great understanding of aesthetics. Little wonder, then, that an increasing number of fashion designers are turning their eyes to architects when they design their residences—masterpieces in which the line between style and structure blurs into invisibility.

Leading architectural practices known for some of the most cutting-edge designs have contributed largely to the skyline of Dubai. Indeed, their experience and concept of pushing the envelop of architectural possibility have been extended to their residential projects, where they apply their expertise hand in hand with fashion and trendsetting craftsmen to put together homes no less stylish than functional.

The Rise of Fashion-Forward Developments

What trend has been most noticeable in the real estate scenes of Dubai? The rise of fashion-forward developments. All of these projects, ranging from utmost and angular aesthetics to the lifestyle of living emanating from haute couture. From meticulously curated interiors to bespoke amenities, each elaborates luxury in line with the world’s top fashion capitals.

Take, for instance, The Residences at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, in collaboration with Emaar Properties from Dubai and the world-renowned fashion designer Elie Saab. This luxurious residential tower features rich interior finishes, including upscale finishes and meticulously crafted custom furnishings from collections of Saab. This is more than buying into a home; it is buying into a lifestyle handpicked by one of the biggest names in fashion.

On the other side, Bulgari came up with the Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai, in collaboration with Meraas, for buyers to offer them life with full luxury and magnificence. Italian-inspired, a detailed development with chic interiors, opulent landscaping, and beautiful views over the Arabian Gulf. Testifying of how fashion brands are stretching their influence outside the runway, in particular with collaborations into real estate.

Fashion-Inspired Amenities and Experiences

Apart from the best designs one can ever have, Dubai’s fashion-forward developments have equally inspired facilities and service offerings. From private fashion showcases to the most exclusive shopping concierge service, the residents are at home with a way of life only comparable to the luxury lived by the fashion elite.

With a private fashion lounge, for example, homebuyers get an opportunity to see and pre-view novelties and the latest collections from the best of designers. While apartments in the Dubai, UAE for sale, you’ll receive a full spectrum of personalized styling sessions, like the ones frequently organized with the help of the most sought-after fashion advisors.

Many of these fashion-forward developments host exclusive events such as fashion shows, art exhibitions, and even dining experiences that are prepared by celebrity chefs. This goes beyond the socializing opportunities presented to the residents and further develops the sense of community in such estates and the status of living in them.

The Future of Fashionable Living in Dubai

The growth of Dubai as one of the cities in the world for luxury living in real estate will also strengthen the worlds already interlinked with fashion and real estate, shaping the cityscape. Indeed, it looks like the demand for high-end homes is showing no signs of abating. More and more developers are now turning to fashion brands and designers to help spruce up residential projects.

Moving forward, henceforth, we should be in a position to see more of these happening, where fashion houses and real estate developers so that they make even fancier and trendier property. From branded residences to couture-inspired interiors, the thrill of the deal never seems to end when fashion comes together with real estate to redefine luxury living.


Evidently, the face of real estate scene in Dubai is certainly changing with the infusion of fashion into residential development. From Vogue to Villas, the skyline is changing to reflect the new mirror of today’s homeowners, demanding none other than pure style and sophistication.


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