Flying Solo’s Triumph at Paris Fashion Week: Spotlight on New Designers and Accessories

During Paris Fashion Week, Flying Solo, the leading platform for fashion designers, made waves. Committed to nurturing fresh talent and propelling them onto the global fashion stage, Flying Solo orchestrated an impressive runway show, featuring a remarkable lineup of over 70 brands.

This captivating event took place at the prestigious Galerie De Bourbon, nestled close to the iconic Arch de Triumph. Here, Flying Solo not only introduced these rising designers to the Parisian fashion scene but also showcased their creations to a global audience, marking a significant milestone for the platform.

The visionary Creative Director, Alina Kotsiuba, orchestrated an innovative collaboration between clothing and accessory designers. Her groundbreaking approach transformed the runway into an exhibition of artistic self-expression, where fashion and accessories melded into breathtaking collections.

The essence of the event was skillfully captured by the lens of the talented photographer, Riccardo Piazza, preserving every intricate detail and moment of brilliance. Simultaneously, PR Director Bayr Ubushi orchestrated a strategic campaign that reverberated within Paris and resonated across the global fashion landscape.

Immediately after the fashion show, Flying Solo proudly opened the doors to its inaugural Paris store, a pivotal step towards making cutting-edge fashion accessible to enthusiasts worldwide.

Now, let’s delve into the captivating world of accessory designers. These artisans added their unique touch to the runway collections, offering a diverse range of accessories that complemented the stunning apparel on display. From statement handbags to avant-garde jewelry, accessory designers brought an extra layer of creativity and individuality to the runway.

Flying Solo’s unwavering commitment to nurturing emerging talent extends to accessory designers, making their contribution an integral part of the brand’s mission and the future of fashion.

In conclusion, Flying Solo’s presence at Paris Fashion Week was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and a testament to the global vision. With a commitment to empowering new designers, this platform is shaping the future of fashion on a truly international scale.

Afle Bijoux

Aflé Bijoux, founded by Oukassa Wetzel in 2010, embodies the essence of the modern liberated woman. Inspired by the Akan culture of West Africa, the brand offers exquisite jewelry that marries centuries-old traditions with contemporary elegance. Each piece, representing matrilineal interpretations, figurative forms, and clean lines, transcends cultural boundaries, evoking wonder and awe. Aflé Bijoux celebrates authenticity, honoring women and embracing a global community defined by their true essence.

Beautiisoles by Robyn Shreiber

Meet Robyn Shreiber, the visionary behind Beautiisoles, a footwear brand that redefines comfort without compromising style. Robyn’s journey started in 2018 when a personal foot issue led her to reimagine the shoe industry. Driven by her own experience and guided by medical advice, Robyn created shoes that prioritize comfort. Her passion fuels the creation of every pair, ensuring they blend fashion with functionality seamlessly.


In the heart of British Columbia, Carolily stands as a testament to women’s strength and beauty. Founded by Donna and Danielle Scheven, this jewelry brand celebrates the resilience of women through their meticulously crafted pieces made from pearls, gemstones, and vintage treasures. Inspired by their family’s legacy of courage during World War II, Carolily uplifts women, especially those in their prime, through bold designs and empowering jewelry. Their latest creation, the PFW Collection, goes beyond materiality. It’s an experience, a celebration of boldness, femininity, and unstoppable confidence. Drawing from British heritage and the inherent strength of women, these pieces exude elegance with cascading chains, bold designs, and captivating colors. Each item promises to evoke overwhelming joy and empowerment for women worldwide.

Cathy’s Jewels

In the vibrant world of fashion, Catherine’s journey from São Paulo to New York tells a tale of determination and empowerment. Inspired by her love for fashion and art, she founded Cathy’s Jewels in 2022, driven by a passion to make women feel confident and powerful. Cathy’s Jewels isn’t just about jewelry; it’s a celebration of femininity and strength. Each piece is meticulously crafted to empower women, encouraging them to express their unique styles without fear of judgment. Through Cathy’s Jewels, Catherine doesn’t just create jewelry; she fosters a community of empowered women, proving that empowerment isn’t just a word—it’s a way of life beautifully expressed through the artistry of jewelry and the unwavering spirit of a young woman who believed in her dreams.

Darovia Paris

Meet Caroline Barthelemy, the creative force behind Darovia Paris, a luxury leather goods brand based near Paris. Inspired by her grandmothers’ love for exquisite handbags, Caroline embarked on this journey in 2022 to honor their legacy and French craftsmanship. Darovia Paris is a tribute to French expertise and artistry, crafting high-quality, timeless bags that seamlessly blend elegance and practicality. Each piece is a testament to Caroline’s dedication to putting craftsmanship at the heart of her creations.

Exuberant Jewellery

With a zest for life, Catherine Skarzenski founded Exuberant Jewellery, embodying her vibrant approach to the world. Drawing inspiration from people and travel, she explores diverse perspectives and interpretations, infusing her art pieces with the beauty of nature and human creations. Catherine’s curiosity drives her to experiment, take bold risks, and continuously discover, transforming her unique vision into exquisite jewelry.


Meet Sima Mala, the force behind Fancynators, an impactful accessories brand with a profound mission. Sima, a Forensic Toxicology Analyst, internationally published model, and award-winning Accessories Designer, started her label in 2017. Her purpose was clear: use her spare time to create accessories sold to support Domestic Violence Victim Support. Over six years, she’s funded over 250 homes for DV victims in Australia and globally. Each Fancynators design is not just an accessory; it’s a symbol of Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. Sima’s creations carry a powerful message, urging wearers to stand against violence. Her upcoming collection showcases mega headpieces inspired by resilient women worldwide, breaking free from abuse to empower others.

Inchoo Bijoux

Montreal’s Inchoo Bijoux isn’t just a jewelry store; it’s a haven where poetic emotions intertwine with the allure of gothic aesthetics. Founder Astrid, with a heritage rooted in craftsmanship, creates handcrafted pieces inspired by her Armenian culture. What sets Inchoo Bijoux apart is its commitment to providing a sanctuary for the unconventional. The brand crafts avant-garde body jewelry, emphasizing individuality and rejecting conformity. Astrid’s advice to budding entrepreneurs echoes the importance of teamwork and intuition. With a solid team and heartfelt intuition, Inchoo Bijoux transforms jewelry into wearable poetry, celebrating the beauty in embracing one’s differences.

Iza by Silvia D’Avila

Silvia D’Avila, a Brazilian-born designer, infuses her jewelry creations with inspirations from travels, museums, and the materials she discovers. With a background in arts and corporate experience, she founded IZA in 2011 as a blend of art and intimate jewelry. IZA challenges traditional jewelry norms, experimenting with materials and designs, creating pieces described as mini sculptures. Crafted in New York, IZA jewelry features signature contour shapes, unexpected material combinations, and otherworldly stones. Silvia’s work has been celebrated in top publications like Vogue and worn by celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Cardi B. IZA is a symbol of innovative and sophisticated jewelry design.

Jo-Anne Vernay

Dyandra Raye, the visionary behind Jo-Anne Vernay, created a niche in the market by merging her vegan lifestyle with luxury footwear. Launched in 2020, her brand focuses on circular sustainability, quality, and unique designs. The upcoming collection emphasizes everyday wear, featuring biodegradable fabrics like hemp. Dyandra’s advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs: embrace your uniqueness; it sets you apart and defines your brand’s essence. Stick to your vision, as there’s unparalleled value in your distinct perspective.


Discover Leduci, the vibrant shoe label founded by Anaïs in Belgium in 2022. Inspired by her shoemaker great-grandparents, Anaïs infuses craftsmanship, ambition, and endless colors into every pair. Leduci empowers women to embrace their identities boldly. Handmade in Italy’s shoemaking heart, each shoe is a unique work of art, blending quality materials like satin and leather with memory foam insoles for comfort. Leduci is more than a brand; it’s a movement, championing excellence and individuality. Forge a personal connection with Leduci, where passion, attention to detail, and craftsmanship meet humor and lightheartedness. Step into a world where style speaks volumes and empowers.

Melissa Tyson Designs

Melissa Tyson, a skilled goldsmith jewelry designer with 25 years of experience, creates exquisite pieces in her seaside studio in Wilmington, NC. Specializing in unique fine jewelry, her focus is on crafting bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands that resemble tiny sculptures for your hand. Melissa’s lifelong passion for jewelry making transformed into a profession after formal training. Her work is a blend of creativity and meticulous craftsmanship, making each piece a unique work of art. Her latest collection is an expression of artistic freedom and creativity. It embodies the feeling of flying free and dreaming in jewelry, capturing the essence of boundless imagination.

Myth House Ltd

MYTH is a luxury fashion accessories brand from Ghana, crafting modern and trendy pieces for women worldwide. Founded in 2015, MYTH, which stands for Modern, Youthful, Trendy, and Haute, prides itself on using galvanised metal mesh and premium materials for its creations. Led by founder Akua Buckman, the brand focuses on innovation and sophistication. Each accessory is meticulously designed to enhance a woman’s style, whether for family gatherings, date nights, or city explorations. MYTH is synonymous with premium quality and contemporary fashion, making it the ideal choice for fashion-conscious individuals.


Founded by visionary artist Aneta Kernová, NAIVISTA is a celebration of artistic exploration in decorations, accessories, and fashion. Each piece is a vibrant blend of textures and hues, meticulously crafted to inspire conversations and evoke emotions. Aneta, an actress and experimental film director, infuses her creations with a unique perspective that transcends traditional fashion. NAIVISTA invites you to indulge your curiosity, embrace the whimsy, and step into a world where creativity knows no limits.

Nele Blanckaert Jewellery Design

Nele Blanckaert, the esteemed jewelry designer, meticulously crafts handmade jewelry in her studio every day. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, she creates exquisite rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces using premium materials such as sterling silver, 18-carat white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Nele takes pride in helping her clients bring their dream jewelry to life through custom designs, embracing their unique ideas and visions. In addition to personalized pieces, she curates her own collection, showcasing a blend of artistic flair and expert craftsmanship. Nele Blanckaert is dedicated to delivering timeless and exceptional jewelry pieces, making her a trusted name in the industry.

PB-Design Jewelry

Discover sophistication at Goudsmederij Petra Berends in Haarlem’s iconic “De Gouden Straatjes.” With 24 years of excellence, this boutique offers an array of exclusive jewelry, from gold and silver pieces to designer creations, diamonds, and pearls. Led by Petra Berends and her skilled team of trained goldsmiths, the boutique provides personalized service and expert advice. Whether choosing from their diverse collection or opting for custom creations, every piece embodies timeless elegance. More than just a store, Goudsmederij Petra Berends crafts experiences. From repairs to bespoke designs, Petra and her team ensure your jewelry journey is marked by elegance, creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship.


RAZABRA, a renowned Hungarian Handicraft Product Brand, is dedicated to crafting soulful elegance. Their leather bags, jewelry, and clothing accessories are meticulously designed with circular embossed motifs, symbolizing creative energy, fullness, and harmony. Each piece reflects the endless unity and beauty that resonates with the soul. RAZABRA’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that every creation is a testament to Hungarian artistry. Discover the unique blend of tradition and modernity in RAZABRA’s exquisite offerings, tailored to enrich the style of those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Saule Label Jewelry

Saulė is more than a label; it’s a movement celebrating ethical fashion without compromising style. We design timeless pieces meant to be cherished, passed down, and embraced across generations. With thoughtful material sourcing and a commitment to harm-free practices, Saulė embodies the essence of sustainable fashion. Embrace the power of femininity and nurturing spirit with Saulė—a passionate antidote to fast fashion.

Shade by Randa

Originating from Memphis, Tennessee, Randa’s passion for eyewear led to the creation of “Shade by Randa.” Fueled by her own eyewear struggles, she founded a brand that breaks boundaries, offering stylish and functional glasses for all. The brand’s mission: empowering individual styles with quality eyewear. Reflective lenses meet trendy frames, reflecting her journey’s resilience and gratitude. Randa’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: persevere, research thoroughly, and surround yourself with positivity. Through “Shade by Randa,” she not only provides eyewear but also nurtures confidence and style, one frame at a time.

Shine Like Me Jewelry

Shine Like Me is a distinguished luxury brand founded by CEO Adrienne Bunn. Specializing in handcrafted accessories, custom pieces, and fashion, the brand uses premium metals, crystals, and textiles to create unique items tailored to represent the wearer. Shine Like Me strives for exclusivity and luxury, ensuring that clients feel extraordinary when adorned in their products.

Sonya’s Fine Island Jewelry

In the heart of St. Croix, Sonya’s stands as an emblem of timeless fashion. Since 1964, the store has welcomed visitors eager to own the iconic hook bracelet, a creation that transcends borders and connects people globally. Crafted meticulously by local artisans using sterling silver and gold, each piece bears the hallmark of unique craftsmanship. Sony’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that every visitor departs not just with a bracelet but with a cherished connection to a rich and enduring legacy.

Talitha Kumi Jewels

At Talitha Kumi Jewels, it’s not just about jewelry; it’s a celebration of love, compassion, and understanding. Inspired by the deep realization of ‘sonder,’ the intricate stories behind every person, our founder channels Jesus’s love into every piece. We believe in forgiveness, healing, and mental well-being as the true treasures in life. Life is short, but love is eternal. So, wear our handbags and jewelry, make beautiful memories, and love fiercely, for in love, we find our true wealth.

Tamara Von Arx

Tamara Von Arx, the creative mind behind the Swiss Couture Brand, transforms rare materials into exquisite handmade bags in Switzerland. Inspired by her background in luxury shoe design, Tamara’s creations echo sustainability through upcycling, a practice deeply rooted in Swiss fashion. Tamara’s upcoming collection is a celebration of handmade beauty, exuding elegance and joy. Her advice for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs is simple: stay true to your vision. In a world of evolving trends, authenticity remains the key to creating a unique and enduring fashion legacy.

Vivien Sophie

Meet Vivien Sophie, the creative force behind the international fashion label Vivien Sophie®. Founded in 2021 in the vibrant city of Frankfurt, this brand epitomizes elegance and functionality in the upper premium segment, appealing to confident, independent, and cosmopolitan women.

The inception of Vivien Sophie traces back to London in 2016, where Vivien found inspiration in the city’s enchanting streets, markets, and museums. Vivien Sophie stands for innovation, transparency, and international collaboration. The brand’s ethos is clear: to cater to strong, demanding, and open-minded women who embrace new trends with confidence. Their designs embody a blend of sexiness, elegance, and functionality, from classic chic to bold extravagance.


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