Flying Solo’s NYFW Showcase of Independent Clothing Brands Made for a Sensational Season

Flying Solo put on yet another glamorous series of shows for New York Fashion Week on September 10th. These 7 shows occurred throughout the entire day, and featured brands from around the world that create clothing and accessories. This production is particularly unique due to its careful selection of independent fashion houses which collaborate with each other to create full looks that are runway-ready. Below are interviews from several of the brands that walked. Be sure to see the entire lineup through
the link on Instagram @flyingsolonyc. Also follow along with future productions by Flying Solo, like the Paris Fashion Week shows happening on October 2nd.

Flying Solo’s Showcase of Independent Clothing Brands

Junior Blvd
Louise is the founder and owner of the young adults’ brand, Junior Blvd. “What began as a clothing line for young children soon developed into a range for what we noticed to be a gap in the market for 8–16-year-olds,” explains Louise. Our designs were appealing to an older audience, women included so we felt it was a very necessary jump that was probably the turning point in the success of the brand.

Junior Blvd seeks customers looking for unique and fun pieces that are excited by fashion and enjoy playing with colors and styles. “Resilience is a necessary skill because you will have so many setbacks and a big part of the success comes from not giving up. You also need to know your own personal style. There are so many talented designers out there that you need to develop your own identity as a brand that will appeal to your own customers,” she says.

Eklectic is an exclusive fashion brand founded in 2016 in Lviv, Ukraine. The brand cleverly juggles elements of various styles of the last century with current trends. The inspiration is Victorian, baroque, 40s, 50s, antiques or boho motifs. “I create clothes with the idea of creating something timeless, unique and beautiful – often in single copies,” says Agatha Taras, creative director. “I never thought I would enter the fashion field. I worked in finance after graduating with an economics degree, only later letting my creative side flourish into this brand.”

Eklectic is a Ukrainian fashion brand that debuted during the Fall-Winter 2017 Lviv Fashion Week. The brand was quickly invited to some of the most prestigious shows around the world, like Paris Fashion Week, and has already made appearances at the Ukrainian and Canadian Fashion Weeks. Simply put: “Eklectic makes every woman feel like a queen in the 21st century.”

Helmsdale x Rugby
Khairie Alim is the owner/designer/creator of Helmsdale x Rugby clothing brand. His clothing line pays tribute to the places where he experienced most of his growth as a human. “I have been through so much, including rehabilitation and going blind,” he says. Helmsdale, for example, was the street he lived on as a young man, where he began to truly feel like a man.

Specializing mainly in street fashion, the brand is also getting into street couture styles. They use specific manufactured pieces mixed with vintage thrift pieces to make new ‘magic’. An artist in nature, Khairie is also a photographer and videographer, finding a complimentary overlap between his photographic and fashion creative sides. In describing the brand concisely, Khairie states that Helmsdale x Rugby “We live by exuding and promoting uniqueness in every way.”

Safiyyah AbdulRahim is the founder of FIAFILINE, and her goal is to help create generational wealth for black single mothers worldwide. “FIAFILINE designs funky tees for young mommies who like to look sexy, cute and different from the rest.” Safiyyah has always been passionate about fashion. “I would take the scraps from the tees and denim tops I created and make handmade earrings and different accessories. I used all my energy into this brand at the time. After the pandemic is when I really buckled down and we are currently building our brand.

We are working with manufacturers from Pakistan. At we feature our signature Tee’s, handmade accessories, and our collection of jogging suits (a special collection as I used my personal sketches as designs).”

Ingjin San is a naturalized Burmese-American, born & raised in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). “I moved to The United States of America 14-years ago, leaving behind all my family & friends, due to my support of the Saffron Revolution in Myanmar. I have always loved fashion & I always noticed in myself that I wanted to express myself through fashion.”

She is growing a sophisticated line of luxury, original, unique designs for the influential men & women of today’s art & culture. Her ideal customers are collectors of wearable art, who want to dress like no one else. Sharing her top three skills for those entering the fashion industry, she mentions the importance of networking/communication, understanding the business, and artistic ability and creativity.

Lorena Alvarado is the founder of Laina, a brand born to inspire women to dare to feel unique and confident. “The love for the world of fashion led me to create my own clothing brand to connect and transmit with women what it means to me to live and wear each trend,” she explains. Laina’s ideal client is one who knows the sentiment the brand puts into its clothes, clients who bring out the most incredible version of my brand.

Her picks for the three most valuable skills in the industry are marketing, communication, and innovation. Stay on trend, deliver your ideas, and reinvent your style. “The most important thing is to have contact with customers and understand them.” Lore advises to stay in love with your brand and its fashion. If you believe in its potential, success will follow.

Ortal Taub is the founder and designer of ILA (“MadebyILA”) – a brand of evening gowns that are meant to make women feel sexy and stand out. Ortal was born and raised in Israel before moving to the US with nothing but a “big vision” to start a new clothing line. ILA focuses on designer evening gowns allowing women to feel powerful in their own skin.

Under the simple motto that “Everyday clothes should be special,” ILA takes pride in designing comfortable, yet stylish garments fit for women in search of trendy and creative outfits. Their ideal customer is a bold woman who is comfortable standing out in a crowd. “You shouldn’t give up. It’s not always easy but you must stick to your dreams, push forward, and continue to challenge yourself to constantly grow. You can make it if you believe in yourself and put in the hard work,” says Ortal.

Paulina Tsvetanova uses textiles to create wearable art that transfers the sparkle within us. Her designs are inspired by the principle of serendipity and inspire people to go beyond limits. Her brand, PAULINA’S FRIENDS is an independent high-end fashion label produced in Berlin. The concept is based on profound experience and knowledge in the field of art history and culture. All pieces are made-to-measure, customized and individualized (fitted to size if necessary).

“My ideal customer is an eager woman who is in a transformation process… either because of an incisive, radical experience, or just because she needs public attention on the stage. My brand also caters to homosexual men and femme-presenting people.” The three skills she values most are braveness, thinking outside the box, and networking. “Do what you can’t! If you doubt your skills, you urgently need to do exactly what you are afraid for,” says Paulina.

Bradelis New York was conceptualized years ago by our founder, Akiyo Hirakubo. We are a luxury lingerie brand specializing in functional shaping lingerie, blending New York City aesthetics with Japanese innovations and craftsmanship. Akiyo’s studying abroad in Japan inspired her to start her own lingerie brand. Bradelis combines New York aesthetics with Japanese innovations and craftsmanship. To spread the “BRADELIS Beauty” awareness, she started her own company Gold Flag Ltd.

“Bradelis New York’s goal is to continue to create stylish and high-quality foundation garments. We want to show women that they can achieve their own “ideal body” with beautiful lingerie. There is no concept such as an ideal customer for us because every woman IS our ideal customer.” They believe the must-have skills of an entrepreneur are openness and willingness to embrace challenges, as well as creating a growing and diversified environment.

Takei is a lifestyle brand represented by Wei Liu, centered on comfort and style and with a passion for sustainability. Takei is a collaboration brand between a textile company and a creative company based in NY. They use bamboo as our primary material since it is a renewable resource growing fast and high in limited spaces. Hence, they believe using bamboo is more sustainable than other materials. Their best advice to young entrepreneurs is “If you want to try something, just start now. You will face many difficulties, but trust yourself and your team.”

Velia Sierra Design
Velia Sierra Design was founded in 1982 by Velia Sierra herself, current Creative Director of the brand. Since then, Velia has produced all her collections for womenswear and menswear entirely in organic linen. Everything is made in Guadalajara, Mexico, blending the best practices of Mexican artisanal craftsmanship with the finest European linens.

Velia Sierra stores are situated in tourist areas in Mexico and cater to a hugely diverse subset of customers. Velia wished to create a line entirely made with linen, and Velia Sierra Design was among the first brands in Mexico to do so. “Our ideal customer is people who seek a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle and appreciate high quality clothes. During the design process of every collection, we keep in mind our target market.” Owing to their success are the values of perseverance, adaptability and creativity, Velia states.

Loïs Minimal Design
“Loïs” is an extension of multiple identities, she has an extravagant outfit with a gothic touch: “she is one of a kind”. She does not like to be homologated, preferring exclusivity. “We create tailored garments, synonymous with freedom, rebellion and individualism. Only those who dare to create the most absurd expressions, will achieve the impossible!” says Matilda, founder of Loïs. She has always believed that a woman can be attractive even in a simple outfit. The Loïs woman is an ambitious, selective woman who does not need anyone’s approval. She wants to exhibit an individual trend where punk and romanticism, crossing absolute femininity, merge into real harmony. Designing expertly shaped skirts and other garments, Loïs is an exciting brand on top of the trends.

Generation Typo
Doncel Brown is the founder of Generation Typo, a brand focused on creating dialogue between generations. Doncel wants everyone to have a voice and be able to learn from those both older and younger than them. Doncel left his “Big Tech” job to pursue fashion and entrepreneurship full time. Generation Typo’s ideal customer is someone who is or wants to be proud of who they are.

Some advice from Doncel: “The top 3 skills for a fashion entrepreneur would be storytelling, delegation/partnership, and the ability to see things others don’t. If you are waiting for the perfect idea then you will be waiting forever. Delegation/partnership is key because you won’t be able to do everything. It truly takes a team to build a brand, and the earlier you accept that the faster your plans will develop.”

Fine Art Fiber
Elizabeth Barbano’s Fine Art Fiber designs embrace the visual vocabulary of line, balance and repetition to achieve an overall artistic concept. The imagery is completely sourced from photographs I’ve shot during various periods of my life. “Presently, I reside in the Sonoran Desert where the cactus flowers bloom very vibrantly, in the most challenging climate. I want to show through my actions and designs the value of conserving and celebrating the environment that gives us all life,” mentions Elizabeth.

Illustrating a dedication to their environmental cause, a selection of the materials are made from 100% recycled post-consumer poly. The prints are original, and a portion of the sales are dedicated to non-profit conservation organizations. Elizabeth offers advice to other prospective entrepreneurs in the fashion industry: “Pursue your dreams. Find your distinct voice, be bold and engage with like-minded people that have a passion for fashion and advancing eco-friendly initiatives.”

Sorrentino Studios
Bel Sorrentino was taught to cut and sew by her grandmother, who lived in China until the early 2000s and was incredibly resourceful out of necessity. It was mask mandates in Australia that kick-started her label, Sorrentino Studios. “My close friends and family started ordering custom masks through my Instagram DMs. Sorrentino studios is based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve wanted a label ever since I was young, and I’ve always wanted to bring a change to the industry,” she says. “Trust yourself and trust your instinct – starting is the hardest part, so do that and iron out the kinks as you go! It sounds risky, but if you’re operating out of a bedroom with a sewing machine as a one-person army (like I did) then it’s not much of a risk.”

Girl Crush
In founding their brand Girl Crush, best friends Lucie and Cindy wanted to create a clothing line suitable for women in any circumstance. “Every woman deserves to own clothing that she can easily pull out of her wardrobe and confidently know she’ll feel amazing in,” states Lucie. They kickstarted their brand using their following as influencers on social media. Sitting around a fire, the pair conceptualized an idea to put a quirky quote they came up with on a hoodie and just like that, Girl Crush was born, celebrating and empowering femininity.

Neither Lucie or Cindy had worked extensively in fashion before, but they pride themselves on using sustainable materials and establishing a great client-base, “following our customers through their ups and downs,” says Cindy. Girl Crush is a company that will follow you in all walks of life, and make you feel empowered and comfortable no matter the occasion.

Camila Sarasty was inspired to create her brand, BY SARASTY, after taking classes and graduating with a fashion degree. She wanted to create a wardrobe that was wearable in 50 different ways, and has designed her collections to be versatile for that very reason. Her clients are anyone with a love for a luxury hand-made look.

In her collection, there will be fifteen designs. Each design has been inspired by gemstones, and each one has its own personality associated with the clothing. The goal is to be able to use these outfits in more than one way, several times. Fifty times, to be exact, which is the lucky number for the collection! Camila believes that new designers need to have determination and a clear idea of the path they should follow with their business.

Maison Audmi
Urvashi is the creative mind behind the brand Maison Audmi. He wanted to provide a new look for menswear fashion, upgrading it the same way that women’s wear has seen. His collection was inspired by the Hindi translations for man and woman, respectively. It takes on an almost androgynous look, with a focus on silhouette. The ideal customer for this brand is anyone that wants to wear something a little more updated than plain restrictive trousers.

In the collection, there are a lot of very beautiful breezy earthy-inspired pieces, along with handcrafted elements that are being made with British tailoring techniques. This brings a cultural combination as well, and one that’s not seen very often as Indian and British fashion influences are combined to make a single collection of menswear.

Three Ten Denim Ko
Koria Ampey has brought to life 3 Ten Denim Ko. This brand was inspired by Koria’s experience working in retail, and listening to teens explain what they wanted out of clothing, then applying it on a broader scale for a much wider audience. After realizing that she wasn’t meant for a corporate job, she went in search of her own denim company. Her ideal customer is anyone that’s looking for a confidence boost, those who have a sense of style, and those who want to wear something but trendy and classic at the same time.

The line itself is an elevated vision of denim, denim, denim. It’s made with high quality leather, denim, and some pieces are elastic as well, allowing the brand to produce not only quality items, but something that will meet everyone’s interests.

The De La Cruz Collection
Rosa Linda De La Cruz is the mind behind the De La Cruz Collection, and the woman who is using her coastal Texas upbringing to create a truly stunning line of fashion. Her main inspiration has come from the coast, swimming, and living near the islands. This is what led her to expand from swim wraps and covers into swimwear as a whole. Her line is produced for anyone that loves color, traveling, and taking mini vacations.

Her collection is going to incorporate both men’s and women’s swimwear. It consists of men’s and women’s matching swimsuits and trunks, and expands out into a focus on couple inspired outfits. This, along with the focus on bright colors, will help set the brand apart from others on the market.

Gongdid Design
Wichcha Soponpattana is the owner of Gongdid Design, a Thai clothing brand. As a fan of fresh color palettes, Wichcha aimed on creating a brand that could embody that, often seeking out the addition of pleated skirts that would help create a truly luxurious, yet unique, look to everything in his collections. Pieces are made from one hundred percent polyester to remove any ironing from the process, and is aimed at the working woman or those who are newly married and pressed for time but still want to look great.

The collection is heavily inspired by winter, and takes influence from the shadow of the hill near where Wichcha lives, as well as the curves from waning evening light-vs-dark aesthetics. It will help bring the quiet of winter into the beauty of your own wardrobe, without any mess, fuss, or extra time spent maintaining it.

K. Lookinghorse
Kayla Lookinghorse is the face behind the brand K. Lookinghorse. As a Native American designer, Kayla felt that there was a need to bring her own design and fashion tributes into the mainstream, drawing influence from both geometric and floral designs. Kayla’s goal is to create something that both represents her people and fits in with mainstream fashion.

Her collection is going to highlight Native American design and influence. It’s going to show off the fact that this is a luxury brand, and is meant to appeal to any customer that wants something very unique and something authentic. This customer wants to wear something that both tells a story that can connect them to other people, but also helps connect them to nature as a whole and singular unit.

Nicole Ghiglieri
Nicole Ghiglieri has always been a seamstress, but now she’s a seamstress with a brand. This evolution has allowed her to know exactly who she wants to design for – women over the age of thirty – and what she wants her brand to be known for – bright colors that help you stand out in a crowd. These are two things that she has been focused on since the start of her brand, and two things that you can easily take note of in her upcoming collection.

This collection has been inspired by photographs that Nicole Ghiglieri has taken out in nature. They have been digitally turned into textile prints, something that she has been doing for several years now. This new perspective displays her humility and her perseverance, and hopefully will inspire others to do the same.

Ana Paula is the face behind the brand Contracorriente, a line of fashion that was originally inspired by the strong use of textiles and bright colors. It has been designed with an independent woman in mind, and each outfit is made to be comfortable while the woman is wearing them. These uplifting outfits are meant to adjust to the body of the weather, and display a strong connection with nature.

The collection is called Waves. There is a strong focus on the weight of the fabric in this, which has almost created a completely different and unique style of work from anything else that Ana Paula has produced so far.

Nichol Isadora Kelly
Both the designer and the brand share the same name: Nichol Isadora Kelly. This brand was inspired by the designer’s grandmother, who was stylish, poised, and had a level of class that stuck with Nichol through the years. His grandmother was very focused on hats and accessories, and as such, Nichol’s own brand reflects that. He wants to design for everyone, whether they want to dress up or dress down.

The collection is unisex, heavily featuring a wide variety of patterns, and is meant to add a little flavor to everyone’s look. The pop of color that the accessories create is meant to help make the rest of your outfit truly stand out, whether it’s patterned or made with neutral colors. This collection is designed to be eye catching, and meant with everyone in mind!

run tan du
Runtan Du is the creator behind the brand run tan du. This brand was inspired by the fashions that were around when Runtan was in middle school. This is the brand’s third season, after a brief break, and the goal is to put out an entirely new style for the third collection. He aims to make the pieces fit for every season, meaning that there are some garments that are heavier, and others that are lighter. It’s designed for those who care about the world as a whole, and who can see how the world works on a broader scale.

That’s reflected in this collection, which is entirely made in-house. The pieces are heavily detailed, with leather labels and metal labels, and types of fabric manipulation that take upwards of eighty hours to pull off.

Unblemished By Cherice
Tela Morris created Unblemished By Cherice after having been in love with the world of fashion her entire life. She wanted to create a line that could fit women between the ages of twenty and fifty, who already know what their style is and are looking for something to supplement that instead of to craft their own style.

The collection has been heavily influenced by the styles of vintage woman. There have been many traits seen in fashion from the forties through the seventies that have been added in this line, but pushed into a more modern style and design. It’s meant to display a creative side to fashion, while still paying strong homage to the fashion designs of previous eras. This is a design that was built on color, style, and glamor.

Die Mode bist Du
Evgeniaya created the brand Die Mode bist Du, which is a German phrase that means ‘be your fashion’. This is also the inspiration behind the brand, as she wanted a line of fashion that purely fit her. She has also always been interested in exploring different materials. The ideal customer for this brand is the independent, free and strong woman.

This collection uses modern techniques, which Evgeniaya believes are the interpretation of traditional crafts in the universe. This new collection, aims to combine the traditional arts of the fashion industry with a more modern direction, a line of fashion that has been painted in a way that combines creativity, open mindedness, and dreaminess. By taking the new and the old at once, something entirely new has been formed.

Wal Wani
Saniya Agarwal created Wal And Wani based around experiences that took place both in India and in New York. The pandemic saw a rise in their creative strokes, and allowed them to delve deeper into their love of textiles and both cultural and marine techniques. The brand is meant to fit those who are in the city, and embodies a sense of New York style.

The collection has allowed Wal And Wani to continue exploring with various types of textiles from India, integrating it into a more conceptual and contemporary sculpture styling. This connection manages to integrate both influences into their fashion, creating a lot of new ideas but also refining well known classics. It also has a heavy focus on embroidery, including several pieces that have been made using metal wires.

Quito Carib
Quito Carib was made by Michael Ramirez, who focuses almost entirely on footwear that has been handcrafted and made in Italy. Recently, this brand has begun branching off into apparel, though footwear will always be the primary focus of Quito Carib. He was inspired by the lack of a crowd for this line of work, and considers the ideal customer to be someone that wants to be a show stopper. These shoes are meant to be paraded around!

Much of the collection of runway show pieces will be meant for women despite the unisex nature of the brand. It has a focus on very, very bold colors and a lot of leather materials. Michael aims to have his pieces steal the breath of everyone who sees them.

KA Originals
KA Originals is created by Kristine Anigwe, who was inspired by the idea of creating clothing that would allow anyone and everyone to feel confident – even those like her, who happen to be six foot four. The ideal customer is anyone who wants to minimize their wardrobe, wants to wear sustainable clothing, and can see the beauty in neutral color tones. The colors used in this brand are chosen for their calming properties.

The collection utilizes materials that had not previously been featured in KA Originals, such as the heavy use of leathers. This is only the second collection put out by the brand, so it has been designed to help explore and expand the brands image. As such, the collection is designed to explore new ideas, and create a comfortable area just outside of your normal comfort zone.

BEBQueen was created by Ella Shvarzman, who has been professionally designing since leaving college. She has worked with models and beauty salons but always comes back to her calling of creating fashion for others. The ideal customer is a plus size woman who wants to look great, feel great, and be great.

The unique collection was designed to be something that big women have never had before. Each piece is done by hand, and the collection is one of a kind, featuring clothing that isn’t available anywhere else. It is meant to uplift, embrace, and create a sense of style that isn’t available anywhere else, in a rising and constantly changing market that has previously often left women of a plus size out of its view. BEBQueen aims to change that.

Germain Smith created Kymasia in an attempt to create avant garde couture that was also ready to wear. The pieces in this brand are meant to be worn for entertainment purposes, and are sleek enough to catch the eye no matter who you are, where you are, or what you’re doing.

The collection is no different. It features sheer fabrics, silky fabrics, both chunky & intricate embellishments, and some structured pieces. It truly presents the range of talent within Germain’s own skill set & that of the Kymasia creative team.

AASHKA was created by Aashka Mehta, who was inspired to start designing during the Covid pandemic. Once social distancing made it impossible to see friends and exist within a normal routine, Aashka sought out another way to keep her mood up – and this happened to be creating clothing for women who don’t want to get molded into a particular stereotype or body type. They don’t want to be corseted, they don’t want to look like an hourglass. They want style, but they also want a unique sort of comfort.

This is heavily visible in the collection, which emphasizes both designs and silhouettes that aren’t often seen in other clothing brands. AASHKA has set out to fully embody the use of 100% silk yarns from Italy, and those are still heavily and frequently used in this new collection, as well.

Created by Julia Kappler and Meike Kappler, DEVOKE was inspired by the gap visible within luxury street style. This lapse in the industry allowed them to focus on inviting something more sustainable and yet still timeless into the concept of luxury street wear. The goal is to provide clothing for anyone looking for something unique, and to provide an option that is completely unisex as well.

The collection is the most unique that DEVOKE has produced so far. It fully combines sustainability and street style, but at the same time it includes a large amount of color, and has a strong association with the concept of nature, bringing the sustainable and beautiful natural world into the concept of everyday modern street style. It’s meant to be a new look at the luxury of the street style.

Arya Giri
Arya Giri is both the name of the brand and the fashion designer in this case. Arya was inspired by the hand loom industry of India, along with the cultural sustainability of the textile world. After graduating from LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore, Arya went looking to fill the gap of Indian diaspora in the Pettway industry. The ideal customer is anyone in the twenty to thirty five age range, who has grown up globally, and is on a journey of introspection and understanding what it means to connect to culture, whether that be anywhere in the world.

The collection is a tribute to the flower garland tires, and on a more meta level, it’s about what it eans as a woman to sort of break away from the glass ceilings that we’re born into, and what it means to connect to your culture and create a life for yourself or for your children that would be different than the one that you’re born into.

Bellemere New York
Bellemere New York was created by Samantha Canstatter, who was inspired by her move from Hong Kong to Switzerland. As someone with very sensitive skin, she needed a lot of heavy winter items – and there were not many available that were both warm, stylish, soft, and beautiful. She fell in love with cashmere as a material for the same reason.

Her collection is centered around cashmere as a whole, and is meant to be a classy way to use the material. There might be a sweater in the mix somewhere, but the collection as a whole is modern, classy, and beautiful.

Flor de Liz Guior
Flor is the CEO and main brain behind Flor de Le Guior. She’s a leather artisan and designer, who was inspired by the fashion industry that her mother worked in. She looks to infuse Latin roots with a modern, stylish fashion in a way that expresses passion, fierceness, and powerfulness, as well as maintaining both a classy but still edgy look.

The ideal customer is every middle aged woman who wants to express herself, who is passionate, is who she wants to be, and is confident. The upcoming collection helps display that by putting a heavy focus on creativity, and taking a strong look at the way that classic silhouettes are used, reinventing them into something that maintains that classic beauty but also has a much more modern twist to it.

Bottega Bernard
Annachiara Bernardi is the face behind Bottega Bernard. Annachiara was inspired during the pandemic, when she had to stop swimming due to new restrictions put into place, along with an injury that was sustained in the same time frame. This brand is meant for both men and women that are looking for a refined style, and a high quality of fabrics used in their clothing, without too much frill or fuss.

The minimal aesthetic design is still seen in the new collection that’s about to come out, which has been inspired by the famous painting The Birch Forest. This collection features a lot of fall colors, such as orange, red, Bordeaux, and brown. The fabrics of each piece are made in Italy and heavily use organic cotton.

Jamen Lanogwa is the founder and creative director of Saziru, a high fashion brand that was conceived in 2009, but wasn’t brought into life until 2017. The initial inspiration was to create personal garments for Jamen and his close ones until many others took a liking to the creations. “I was always fashionable, but I have not always worked in fashion. A fashion career was on my mind passively for a decade before I ultimately went all in,” he says.

Annually, Saziru produces True Colors, a brand exclusive fashion experience. Several materials are used in producing Saziru garments, including denim, leather, velvet, and more. “Our mission is to influence lifestyle and attitude with luxury goods that embody elegant class and flamboyant royalty with an audacious edge,” as mentioned by Jamen. “Be Royal”

Hiari Strong created her brand, Love Allie, with the inspiration of her grandmother, Allie. “It was her confidence and period-dress style that appealed to every fiber of my being,” remembers Hiari. “The seed was planted and has not stopped growing.” Love Allie was established in 2006, as a brick & mortar boutique, and then expanded to now becoming Love Allie a vintage stylist & fashion designer.

Prior to working in fashion, Hiari was an accountant for the Federal Government. Taking a buyout opportunity, she made the decision to follow her passion despite the risk and pay cut. This paid off, as she states that the feeling of liberation and freedom that came out of the situation was well worth it. Her collections feature displays of femininity and self-expression, designed with differing fabrics and a “dreamsicle” of colors.

The Heritage Collection
Ashraf Valliani is the designer behind ‘The Heritage Collection’. “I remember the women of the Northern Pakistan valleys adorned in their colorful and beautifully handcrafted outfits. It was then that I understood the power of an artistically crafted garment and that’s when I decided to come up with my own brand,” says Ashraf. Heritage’s well-crafted modern fusion line of clothing that resonates with the women of today who live in the West but still want to hold on to their roots in the East.

The design philosophy is anchored in the values of cutting-edge design techniques, superb quality clothing and freedom of creative expression. In offering useful skills, Ashraf recommends resilience, perseverance, and vigilance. She also notes that there are many fashion designers around but only the ones who have built a strong bond with their customers have stayed in business and they continue to thrive.

Daniela Uribe
Daniela Uribe, the luxury Latin-founded footwear brand, known for its size-inclusive and genderless styles was founded by Colombian native designer, Daniela Uribe Lopez. The brand is deeply rooted in inclusivity and re-establishes the paradigms of beauty and comfort offering styles in extending sizing to fit every gender.

A selection of conceptual and fashionably utilitarian looks graced the runway including Daniela Uribe’s luxury styles in conjunction with clothing and accessory brands 831 MINHLE, Ventura, Georgina Jewelry, AURELIA ICARUS, LISA CHARMEL, and Hiromi Asai. Daniela Uribe’s Collection stems from years of curated artistry involving the eclectic rhythm of embracing individuality while celebrating unison. The luxurious designs cross the border between nostalgic comfort and bold inspiration and meld the world between fashion and function.


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