Find Your Signature Look: How To Wear Jewelry To Accentuate Your Style

Find Your Signature Look: How To Wear Jewelry To Accentuate Your Style

Jewelry is like the icing on the cake, it accentuates and adds to whatever outfit you choose to wear. From earrings to necklaces to bangles, there are so many types of jewelry out there that it can be difficult to choose exactly what jewelry works for you and your wardrobe.

But there are some easy styling tips and choices that will have you pair your jewelry with your favourite outfits in no time, enhancing your style and allowing your personality to shine through with your jewelry.

Styles of Jewelry

Understanding that there are different types of jewelry is the first step to finding what works for you. If you think that jewelry is simply limited to diamonds and gold then you are mistaken. There is any number of types of jewelry, formal, casual, glamorous, costume, artsy, and so many more.

Understanding the different styles of jewelry and fashion is the first step to understanding what jewelry works well with your personal preferences and fashion style. If you are looking to spice up a racy dinner dress, then you will probably choose a more formal or classic piece, like diamond earrings and a draping gold necklace. If you want to go edgy you can choose a chunky choker or bead piece. If you’re looking for a casual daily wear style, then a simple rose quartz necklace might be your go-to. Depending on your outfit you will want to pair jewelry that fits the bill, and this doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, creating a beautiful look for yourself no matter your outfit choice.

It might help to do some research to get more fashion advice from experts on how to accessorize or elevate your style to accentuate your look and style to avoid common styling mistakes.

Reviewing your Closet

If you are on the market for new jewelry but aren’t sure what styles you are looking for, then a great place to start is in your closet! Pull out some of your favourite outfits and fashion pieces and classify them to help you understand your style choices. If you have many flowy dresses, then some bohemian-style jewelry may be in order. If you are a professional who wears suits to work every day, then you will probably be looking for a more classic and formal style of jewelry to add to your collection.

If you are an eclectic dresser with many different types of style choices and clothes, then it can be a good idea to find different pieces of jewelry, from artsy to classic, that will allow you to pair them with any outfit you so choose. Having a well-rounded jewelry collection can make your pairings easier when you are looking to create any type of style.

How to Pair Jewelry

Pairing jewelry to your outfits is important to bring forth the style that you are going for. If you want to keep your look simple, you may opt for smaller earrings, a whopping necklace, and a ring. If you are looking to make a bold statement, then a large chunky necklace and bangles will give your outfit the oomph you are looking for.

Layering jewelry is a way that you can make bold statements and experiment with different colour choices if you are looking to make a sentence, and don’t be afraid to step outside of the box! Jewelry is there to make a statement, so deciding what statement you want to make is important when choosing your jewelry and outfit pairings. If you are trying to make a professional statement, then your jewelry choice will be different than the statement you make going out for a night on the town. Pairing jewelry is a very personal choice and is largely dependent on your style and preferences.

The best advice you can get when it comes to jewelry is to honour your feelings and style. When you want to make a statement with your jewelry, make it loud and proud. There is no need to tone down your style, if you prefer non-conventional pieces and pairings then wear them with pride. If you like jewelry but prefer to keep it subtle and classic, then go ahead and roll with it.

The most important part of pairing and wearing jewelry is finding the right pieces that fit your personality and style choices. So when you are finding your signature look, make sure that you are honouring your style and your preferences. With many style choices available it is important to experiment until you find what is comfortable for you, what works and what doesn’t.

While you may like how something looks on a model, it might not be your first choice for your pairing, and that is ok! Be true to yourself and you will find your signature look and wear it with ease and confidence for years to come.


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