Feng Chen Wang Autumn Winter 2022 Collection

Feng Chen Wang Autumn Winter 2022 Collection

Beauty is found in imperfection, so goes an old adage, which underpins the Autumn/Winter 2022 Feng Chen Wang collection.

This season, the Chinese-born designer has been reflecting on that sense of never completing something, never being fully happy with it; of always starting, never stopping, and never finishing. But instead of resisting this feeling, Wang decided to embrace it – and build an entire collection around it.

Feng Chen Wang

Continuing to mine her Chinese heritage for inspiration, Wang looked first and foremost to bodiless laquerware, a craft that is native to her hometown of Fuzhou, in Fujian province. Having been practiced for over 700 years, the technique is widely considered one of the country’s most important forms of folk art, and is immediately recognisable for its unique appearance.

This effect is emulated in knitwear which combines two different weaving techniques, and denim which brings together two different fabrics, as well as in other garments which combine different kinds of nylon. Tailoring is similarly deconstructed, featuring sections cut from different materials: from wool – plain and pinstriped – to nylon, in what is a futuristic clash of colour and texture. Elsewhere, Wang looks to emerald-green laquerware, transposing that galaxy-like pattern onto jackets, shirts and shorts – to a slightly psychedelic effect.

Another homage to craft can be found in the hand-dyed pieces, crafted from black and yellow ochre tie-dye fabric, which carries a distinctly autumnal, but again, slightly trippy feel. Plant dyes are used throughout the collection and, in a further bid to encourage people to think more sustainably, Wang has designed several garments that can be worn in multiple ways. One jacket, for example, has sleeves that can be unzipped and detached.

This season, the designer also introduces a new logo: a phoenix – which translates to ‘feng’ in Chinese, and is a symbol of luck. Appearing alongside the ‘FCW’ logo, this graphic features on jackets and jumpers, brooches and scarves.

After a tumultuous couple of years, for Wang, this collection is a testament to the idea that sometimes the imperfect is, well, perfect.


Stylist: Anders Solvsten Thomsen
Casting Director: Oscar Miles
Hair Stylist: Global Creative Director Cos Sakkas and the TONI&GUY Session Team, using the award-winning label.m Professional Haircare created by TONI&GUY
Make-up Artist: Makeup Designer Lan Nguyen Grealis supported by Seoulista Beauty and Danessa Myricks Makeup with special thanks to Guru Makeup Emporium
Nail Artist: RUUBY
Music Composer: Ben Brunnemer
Art Curator: Leo Babsky
Words: Ted Stansfield
Presentation Videographer & Photographer: Thomas De Cruz Media
Lookbook Photographer: Luke Paige
Backstage Photographer: Christina Fragkou
Backstage Videographer: Syndi Huang & Daniela Stephan
Show Production: Karla Otto


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