FEIGN during New York Men’s Day

Men’s Day

Where’s the Honey” is a cause-driven genderless collection and for us the intention was to speak out in a way reminiscent of ‘80s and ‘90s skater and punk culture, but through the lens of designer fashion. This collection features a clash of synthetic and natural materials against a backdrop of dark, whimsical, loud digital prints of insects and florals on silk. (Also, not shown: the backs of many of these feature screen prints of our hand drawn artwork). The collection rails against the invasive and irresponsible corporate and political actions that continue to put you, me, and our environment at risk. With FEIGN in general, we want to toe the line between luxury fashion and subversive art. We do all of our design, pattern and sample development, and grading in house. There’s an ethical and economical reason for wanting to do everything in-house, which allows us to experiment and learn and be extremely agile. And because of this, we were able to complete SS20 in 6 weeks, from coming up with the concept to having our presentation at NYMD. We are proud to say we’ve designed all our artwork, prints, screen prints, and embroidery in house as well, and had the actual printing and embroidering done locally in the garment district.

Men’s Day

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It’s very important to us to present a full experience in anything we do, which is why every collection is based around a meaningful concept and includes a short film. Being able to present at NYMD gave us a platform in which to further this experience by providing a physical space for us to build out the Where’s The Honey experience. The sight, sound, and even scent was all encompassing and really made the story come together. The look and aesthetic of our brand and this collection especially combines soft beauty in the way of colorful silk prints, delicately painted screen prints, and embroidery on linen/silk organza, with tougher, grungier items such as distressed leather motos, skinny denim, and cuffed shorts with a frayed edge – meant to look loved and worn the way we used to wear them.


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