Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

Emerging Talents Milan Fall-Winter 2022/2023

For the Fall-Winter 2022/2023 season Emerging Talents Milan brings together global design talents to present collections with sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Driven by passion, joy, and the invention of brilliant creative minds, we become part of fascinating theatrical performances together once again in Palazzo Visconti.

Emerging Talents Milan

We take pride in every show and collection presented through our platform as it helps fashion professionals to experience the eternally elegant style of designers, whose extravagance is as legendary as their taste in art and fashion.

Fashion Presentation Fall-Winter 2022/2023 Collections
Palazzo Visconti – Via Cino Del Duca, 8, Milan


@otkutyrfashionhouse x @mygreenksa | www.otkutyr.com

OTKUTYR Fashion House and the Saudi Environmental Society have teamed up to create an eco-friendly collection. This collection consists of 10 unisex pieces overall and can be styled into endless and various looks. The Society had provided the Fashion House with recycled fabric, which was also colored by children using eco-friendly paint, during different events that were held as environmental awareness campaigns. The Fashion House, in turn, locally produced the pieces adhering to their ethos of slow fashion production and fair wages. No two pieces are exactly the same in design and it is a currently made-to-order collection.

For the first time ever, The Saudi Environmental Society has decided to direct its efforts in the field of fashion. The Society is launching an initiative for a sustainable fashion project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to raise awareness of the importance of transforming the manufacturing and import of clothes and fabrics, into an environmentally friendly industry.

Furthermore, The Society and its partners contribute to implementing the Green Saudi Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


@dobrzanska_couturehouse | www.dobrzanska.eu

For the Emerging Talents Milan Fashion Presentation DOBRZANSKA Couture House presented the high end knitwear collection.

DOBRZANSKA pieces are synonymous with “objet d’art”, and for good reason. Her creations are composed of fragments of famous works, where textures, geometries, colors are collaged together. In her mind, the shapes, colors, and textures possess a special character she strives to bestow upon her clothing. She perceives her brand as a house of high fashion, constantly exhibiting its sculptures, paintings, and tapestries which are elevated when by a woman’s body.

Glistening crystal, symmetry, strength, and the divine numbers of nature. Inspiration for the DOBRZANSKA knitwear draws upon much more than color and cloth, it is the convergence of a naturalist’s observations and a technician’s know-how. These concepts characterize the inventive, visually satisfying, sometimes organic, approach to design found in all DOBRZANSKA knitwear.

The metaphor of simplicity emerging from chaos is not lost in these designs, from the wool fibers spun to yarn and interwoven to form tightly set patterns, to the adorning bijou which ask questions with each slow sparkle. In some cases, these elements are designed to please the eye in their equilibrium, in others, to instill the sense of an infinite expansion into the realm of the near psychedelic.

The purity of natural sequences takes an important role in all DOBRZANSKA knitwear, lending it a harmony that soothes the soul of the wearer while the regularity of the woven details accents the natural streamlines of the female form. If natural beauty is at work here, perhaps the wearer herself becomes more precious, more valuable?

DOBRZANSKA was conceived during a visit by the lead designer and owner to St. Petersburg, the “Venice of the North”. Memories of her father’s architectural drawings were conjured up and blended with the many hours she spent in appreciation of the treasures of fine art created during this city’s imperial age.

Inese also draws inspiration from her life in Florence where she studied at the Polimoda Fashion School in 2021 and holds a master’s degree in Collection design, learning to express herself through mastery of knitwear and collection design. Inese’s latest works of fashion are accented with house designs, exploring applications of contemporary bijouterie. The close collaboration with her team of local, talented, dressmakers, embroidery specialists, and printmakers always results in timeless couture.


@artuyt.am | www.artuyt.am

Artuyt proudly presents “Without borders” and “I’m present” limited-edition collection.

“Without borders” is based on famous Armenian artist Vazgen Bazhbeuk-Melikyan’s collages, and represents seven silk scarves. “I’m present” collection is a collaboration with the artist Gayane Yerkanyan, composed of five silk scarves.

Vazgen Bazhbeuk-Melikyan was an Armenian collagist and painter whose creative method is in line with contemporary European art. In his works, he is guided by the concept of transmuting ideas and pictorial forms no longer present into a new reality. Bazhbeuk worked with what was at hand, with materials that were found or revised.

Gayane Yerkanyan is an Armenian artist and designer who works with Armenian letters. She mutates the letters to a degree, so they are no longer recognized as legible forms. Rather they become mesmerizing ink drawings open for interpretation for broader audiences by offering new visual meaning. She plays with different rhythms of the black strokes and puts more attention on the white space itself rather than the length of the black strokes.

Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. The company uses Armenian artists’ paintings and collages as a base for scarves. One scarf takes a full two months to complete, making it an exquisitely crafted accessory. The themes range from the beginning of medieval times to modern abstractionism.

HAY-HAY Concept

@hayhay.concept | www.hay-hay.co

HAY-HAY Concept is a community beyond fashion with the mission to uncover cultural insights about Armenia, expanding into a media platform.

HAY-HAY is the shopping destination for Armenian design. It’s a unique online store that offers a wide selection of different brands from Armenia and other countries, from hand-picked collections to jewelry and accessories, from bags to home textiles and nifty items. HAY-HAY helps emerging designers reach a global market, making it easy for customers all over the world to find, shop, and enjoy Armenian fashion, with the HQ based in the heart of Europe – Zurich, Switzerland.

“I believe in Armenian design. I believe that our unique roots can bring beauty and style to everyone’s modern lives. This is why I put my time and effort into the HAY-HAY concept store. To give Armenian designers the possibility to reach new customers wherever they are. HAY-HAY is so much more than another online store. It’s a platform where we can make Armenian design known all over the world, together. Fashion is temporary, the concept is permanent.”, Lucine Ayanian, Founder and Creative Director of HAY-HAY

In collaboration with Emerging Talents Milan, HAY-HAY concept presents Z.G.EST, ARMINE OHANYAN PARIS, LOOM WEAVING, INGA KAZUMYAN, IAMC.



Cubuss is a brand established in 2017. It was founded by two jewelry lovers Darija and Vladimir. With their unique approach to customers and trendy jewelry pieces, Cubuss soon became a well-known brand throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jewelry is handmade and crafted from silver 925. Cubuss presented their first limited edition collection named “Cubuss” in Dubai. The brand was scouted by Josip Grabovac in the summer of 2021. and since then the cooperation was close and very successful. „VlaDar Collection“ is the second collection presented in Viagolaquattro showroom in Milan. With many new collections, this brand has a bright future.


@vormakeup | www.vormakeup.com

The VOR Make-up by Valeria Orlando, completely made in Italy, contains a formula that is the result of 8 years of research, experimentation and studies, before being proposed to the market. A formulation rich in pigments, almost 59% against 12% of the best Italian products on the market currently or 30% in the professional market. This peculiarity allows with very little product to obtain a perfect base, in a few moments without the use of Primer (silicone complex) in the initial phase or fixers in the final phase, and also allows you to really modify the skin discolorations present on the face or body. in a scientific way thanks to the high percentage of pigments.

Free of parabens, petrolatum and silicones in the formulation of the neutralizer, fluid and cream foundation, 100% made in Italy, over 147 products. VOR Make-Up is the synthesis of millions of looks, faces, colors, technique and art, which the founder Valeria Orlando has enclosed in the cosmetic house born right in the backstage of the catwalks.

GIVE LOVE FIRST is the watchword that summarizes the philosophy of the brand. Beauty, as defined by Valeria Orlando, means doing things with the heart, with passion and with enthusiasm. Beauty not as an absolute value, imposed by canons extraneous to our spirituality, but beauty understood as a unique and inalienable prerogative, which belongs to all of us. “I am convinced that the kindness of beauty will save the world from all that is ugliness, crippling of the soul and body; As well as all those stereotypes and impositions of an ephemeral and empty society. ” The whole world of VOR Make Up , in addition to being densely populated with talents full of passion for their work, is a family, and as such the human relationship comes first.


@prirodna_kozmetika_gloria | www.prirodna.com

The Gloria Natural Cosmetics brand was born on family plantations in 2014 in the heart of Herzegovina when Gloria created the first Day Cream with immortelle. Today, the range has expanded to include 35 products containing no chemical preparations, additives, preservatives, and other chemical additives. The products are made carefully and by hand, with exclusively cold-pressed, unrefined first-class vegetable oils, and all recipes are original and are the result of phyto aromatherapy and pharmaceutical knowledge, experience, and constant research.

Gloria Natural Cosmetics provides a natural and healthy solution for women, men, and babies. Being a natural cosmetic brand, all products fit all skin types. Gloria products consist of the Gold Collection (Day Cream, Night Cream, Hyaluronic Cream, Face Scrub, and Gold Serum) and the Silver Collection (Body, Hair, Baby Care, and Men’s Care Products).

All products are dermatologically tested and the Gold Collection is in the cosmetic registry and owns CPNP numbers. The brand is currently in the process of obtaining NaTrue certification and obtaining CPNP product numbers for Hair Growth Shampoo, Green Clay Face Mask, Makeup Remover, Hair Restoration Mask, Hair Strengthening Serum, Mini Set, Women’s Roll-On. Additionally, the mentioned products and their ingredients and effects on consumers are currently in a process of clinical testing.


@salvatorecaputoshoes | www.salvatorecaputoshoes.com

Salvatore Caputo Shoes is a young, dynamic start-up, constantly looking for innovation in full respect of traditions, specialized in the production of women’s shoes and fashion accessories made with high quality raw materials, attention to details and remarkable mastery of our craftsmen. The result is a totally Made in Italy brand, born from the passion of the stylist Salvatore Caputo, who approached the footwear world at a very young age and perfected himself in the creation of unique fashion and elegant products at the Arsutoria School in Milan and subsequently in the various numerous collaborations with small and large international brands. From the success of our stylist’s creations for other companies, it was decided to create the SALVATORE CAPUTO SHOES brand, which immediately made itself noticed and appreciated for the quality and style of the products. The brand was officially invited by the Ministry of Development and of Russian Culture at the Forum of Culture and Handicraft in November 2019 in St. Petersburg (privilege granted to only two other Italian companies) as well as showcased in New York, Paris, Milan Fashion weeks.


VOR Make-up by Valeria Orlando, Gloria Natural Cosmetics


Antonio Iengo Hair Style, Lumière Banqueting, Salvatore Caputo Shoes, Family Studio srl


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