Eco-Conscious, Punk-Inspired Brand, Punk Majesty was a Highlight of NYFW

Punk Majesty showed at NYFW for the first time this September, and they proved to be a brand to watch.

They design Custom one-of-a-kind punk-inspired pieces, including Upcycled Suit Jackets and Trench Coats with Empowering Statements, Stand out Rock Star Leather Jackets, Vests, Gloves, Ties, Chain Tops and Jewelry, as well as affordable Streetwear.

All designs have elements of the punk design aesthetic, and the ethos of the brand is empowerment, inclusion, and they care about the planet.

Punk Majesty Do More Than Exist Tuxedo Jacket, Rhinestone Lock & Chain Necklace, Spiked Leather Gloves, and Empowering Graffiti Mesh Streetwear Top, Photo by subhashlimaye, Mediaunlimited LLC

The Punk Majesty 2022 NYFW Runway showcased a cohesive range of punk-inspired pieces, mixing custom couture with affordable streetwear in effortlessly cool combinations. Some of the custom pieces communicate that punk-inspired designs can even be sophisticated. The custom line belongs on the red carpets of the Grammys and MTV Awards, and the Empowering Graffiti Streetwear line is affordable and versatile enough for everyone, every day.

Punk Majesty Seize The Moment Trench Coat & Rhinestone Safety Pin & Chain Necklace, Photo by Nkosane Curtis, NRC Photography

Punk Majesty Custom Chainmail & Chain Suit Jacket with Empowering Graffiti Streetwear Joggers and Hoodie Photo by subhashlimaye, Mediaunlimited LLC

Empowering statements have been part of the brand since its inception. Statements like “Nothing Can Break Me,” “Do More Than Exist,” “Never Stop,” “Talk is Cheap, Actions Speak,” and “Seize the Moment” are what the brand is all about.

Punk Majesty Talk is Cheap, Actions Speak Custom Emerald Studded Leather Jacket, Photo by subhashlimaye, Mediaunlimited LLC

The woman behind the brand is Artist and Designer Alisha Amnesia, a DIY Punk who grew up in the punk culture. She’s been designing her own custom pieces since she was a teenager, even getting sent home from school for it. As a DIY artist from the punk music scene, the brand is authentic in it’s use of the design aesthetic. She’s ensconced in the culture, and a respected part of the culture, while also having the ability to be appreciated by people outside of that culture.

She told us, “A stranger on Instagram wrote me after my NYFW runway show that my brand is: ‘So relevant right now’.”

Punk Majesty “Respect” Union Jack Custom Jacket, Photo by subhashlimaye, Mediaunlimited LLC

In October of 2014, she launched the brand when a health condition arose with her voice, and doctors told her not to talk. After a decade of working in live music venues and events, she had no income and couldn’t speak, leaving her restless and isolated. Determined to stay positive and stay busy, Punk Majesty was born. She made a few hand-painted and embellished jackets, people loved them, and it took off from there.

The root of the ethos of the brand is empowerment and inclusion because her biggest inspiration was her father, who was a closeted gay man for 2/3 of his life, as well as being the most motivational, positive person that most people around him had ever met. As the child of a LGBTQ person, that community and its causes are very important to her.

Everything I’ve done in my life has been to honor my father, even after his death. I think he’d be extremely proud of how I stayed true to who I am and have used my art to remain positive, spread empowerment and inclusion, and make mindful decisions for our planet because I care about our future generations,” she told FWO.

Backstory aside, people who know nothing of what the brand stands for love the designs. The crowd response was surprisingly loud during their NYFW runway show. You can find some clips of that on their Instagram @punkmajestysf.

Punk Majesty “Never Stop” Custom Chain Suit Jacket & Necklace, Photo by subhashlimaye, Mediaunlimited LLC

Punk Majesty is looking for a few select stores to carry the custom one-of-a-kind line and would love to be worn by more rock stars and celebrities and included in editorials as well. The Punk Majesty Streetwear line will remain direct-to-consumer to keep it affordable and eco-conscious, as each piece is made when ordered, to avoid any excess inventory going into a landfill.


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