Dressing up to stay at home ideas!

Dressing up to stay at home ideas!

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As the world finds itself in unknown waters, we are all trying to collectively find a sense of normality and the familiar. With zoom work conference calls, family friday night quiz games online and houseparty app gatherings with friends, there is still a need to put our best stylish foot forward and dress to suit the occasion.

We have selected a handful of designers whose SS20 Collections, allow you to do just that and dress up to stay in! See below for a little summary of each of their brand stories and where you can pick up their pieces online now and have shipped them straight to your front door, if we have to be in quarantine at least we can make it fashion!

DB Berdan

DB BERDAN is a young and sharp London based urban lux brand, launched by the matriarchal Turkish designers Beg Berdan and Deniz Berdan. DB BERDAN collections focus on genderless clothing and the eradication of heteronormativity, aiming to unite a community of like-minded individuals, that are not defined by sex, race or gender.

DB Berdan’s SS20 collection was created to pay a homage to the workforce and the industrial music culture that the brand unifies through their designs.

The collection consists of neon work gear wrapped in futuristic cyber fabrics that turn from purple to silver. Accessories are shaped in the form of Tyvek paper patches, neon coloured zip bands and plastic patches

HAREM London

HAREM London is a genderless brand founded in 2015 by two entrepreneur sisters, Creative Director Dee and managing director, Begum Ozturk. The two sisters empower and complete each other as a team, and as leading women they are proud to be a part of a much wider community of female entrepreneurs and innovators.

For SS20, HAREM London continue to use their fashion-forward initiative to create a unique collection for those who want to feel confident in their own skin. Inflicting their culture into each design whether it be through relaxed silhouettes or on printed cotton knitwear, the collection offers a minimalist approach to streetwear, making each piece easy to wear no matter what the occasion.

Isabel Manns

Isabel Manns is a contemporary British womenswear designer label that offers luxury reversible clothing across a range of day and evening wear. The Isabel Manns label was founded in 2018 after the designer graduated from the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York.

Isabel’s SS20 collection is inspired by British 1960s style, whilst retaining her feminine aesthetic. Isabel has focused on coral and turquoise shades that are universally flattering for her clientele that spans all ages, creating clothes that flatter all generations and sizes is paramount for Isabel.

Jacqueline Loekito

Jacqueline Loekito is a visionary female designer. Born from a British mother and an Indonesian father, Jacqueline has a special cocktail mix of a background that shaped the designer she is today. The Jacqueline Loekito label was founded in 2012 after she graduated from University for the Creative Arts, UK. After finishing her Master at the Institute of Fashion Design FHNW HGK, she decided to continue working and living in Basel. She has a passion to make Switzerland more colourful and daring.

For SS20 Jacqueline Loekito has created another thought-provoking collection, entitled “You We Us,” an inclusive collection inspired by Cubist artist Pablo Picasso’s painting Acrobat and the young harlequins. Drawing on his inspiration of the circus and the idea of an all-encompassing group not dependent on gender, age or size. A theme that Jacqueline Loekito reflected in the casting for her SS20 runway show with Mode Suisse.


KNITSS is a contemporary knitwear brand inspired by art, life and interactions which offers a spectacular looking complete wardrobe with a clear identity that epitomizes the brands own appreciation of style and modern sophistication.

The SS20 collection ‘Summer and the City’ is inspired by contemporary city life. For SS20, KNITSS used fresh and soft materials while the finest cotton and viscose fabrics promise and effortless transition from winter to spring. All spring-long colourful pieces are made from breathable Italian yarns that mix and match together easily to create chic and comfortable looks.

Merve Bayindir

Merve Bayindir is a couture millinery brand for the chic and self-confident female. As contemporary innovators, the brand explores the debate between architecture and fashion to develop ground-breaking designs. Founded by mother-daughter duo, Yasemin Bayindir and Merve Bayindir in 2011, the eponymous brand has produced a range of chic and striking collections from occasion wear to bridal to show-stopping pieces.

The SS20 ‘Icons’ collection is dedicated to all women around the world who have not only inspired the designers but have broken down barriers to pave the way for future generations. Taking inspiration from iconic dresses from fashion runways, this collection features a variety of different shapes, colours and styles. Throughout the process of creating these pieces with those dresses in mind, each hat and style has been matched with revolutionary women that have left their mark in history.


Shopyte is a fashion brand crafting elegant and classic clothing for women who value quality, femininity and sustainability. Designer and founder, Dovilė Šopyté, focuses on creating garments that give women more confidence and presence in their own unique femininity and believes that timeless in the meaning of value plays the main role in today’s fashion and therefore focuses on the detail in each garment to ensure that each piece has its own unique femininity.

For their SS20 collection, Shopyte are focusing on nature and reforestation by repairing what was destroyed rather than ruining what’s left in the industry. SS20 highlights the shiny jungle of concrete, the glorious possibilities and the excessive consumption. Once again SS20 garments are all crafted of the finest quality natural fabrics to create pieces that are timeless in the meaning of quality and style across garments in bold and breezy tones. The profound sense of minimalism evident across previous collections makes a return for SS20 across a collection designed for the dynamic city woman with original and flawless clothing for while she’s on the go.


Syra J. is a contemporary Hong Kong womenswear brand whose designs capture the daring, bold, elegant and beautiful female spirit in timeless style. The brand’s image, quality fit and workmanship bridge every woman’s fashion fantasy to her reality. SYRA J. believes that fashion is art and art is expression and also stands for female empowerment through her clothes.

Syra J.’s SS20 collection offers a mixture of sunny hues across off-the-shoulder dresses, playsuits and matching pantsuits. Bold embroidery and a mixture of fun prints add an extra element of playfulness to the timeless silhouettes across the collection.

Taylor Yates

Taylor Yates is an understated luxury bag company, centring themselves around familial values, social responsibility and sustainability. Founded by mother-daughter duo, Karen and Ellen Yates, the duo believes in giving back, where the use of sustainable materials and charity work play a significant role in this.

The abstract minimalist bags are designed in Ireland where much of the inspiration is taken by the surrounding environment of the North Coast. Each bag is rooted with a personal touch and the essence of familial values, which is of great importance to Taylor Yates.


XUMU is a Berlin, Germany based luxury fashion brand which launched in 2019. The brand focuses on creating astonishingly bold and comfortable luxury garments with the latest innovative, sustainable and responsible technologies.

XUMU’s latest collection ‘Invariant’ introduces 16 styles inspired by the concept of time. From sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies to bomber jackets, raincoats and more. XUMU continue to ensure that most of the collection is uncommitted to gender norms, which makes them one step closer in becoming a gender-less brand.


APUJAN is a London-based womenswear label founded by designer Apu Jan, debuting in 2013 Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week. The designs are renowned for integrating patterns and knitwear techniques to illustrate themes inspired by fantasy and literature. The juxtaposition of traditional and oriental elements with a contemporary twist, and the interweaving of bold and casual elements are at the heart of APUJAN’s unique style and have become the hallmarks of the label.

APUJAN’s collections have distinctive attributes due to the idiosyncratic sources of inspiration, those being books, fantasy, space and imagination. The SS20 collection called ‘A Strange Thief of Time’ narrates a story taking place in a fantasy world of the designer’s imagination. Elements of dinosaurs, keys, clocks, tree branches and space objects contribute into creating visual and tactile imagery suggesting of what this world of fantasy looks and feels like.


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