DKLTJU Spring 2018: New York Fashion Week

Kids Take over NYFW with DKLTJU at New York Fashion Week

Chinese children’s brand DKLTJU has already captured the attention of many at their New York Fashion Week debut, attracting worldwide attention. The fairy tale inspired children’s brand has been at the forefront of those to reach an international platform, being one of the most prominent on display.

With a well-received debut at NYFW, founder of DKLTJU, Ms. Wen Xihu, was ecstatic, stating, “It is a new adventure for us to present our collection at NYFW, and to be recognized by the world. The global recognition for Chinese fashion brands has a long way to go, but we hope DKLTJU will go further and reach new heights in the children’s wear market.”

It is a new adventure for us to present our collection at NYFW


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In the debut titled “Rong” — translation meaning “blend in” — DKLTJU presented three groups with brilliant styles and unique cuttings, reflective of their design philosophy.

The collection is both edgy and classic, while remaining neat, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing. Notable details include looks that incorporated Chinese embroidery, while merging Western silhouettes, creating noble and elegant looks.

looks incorporated Chinese embroidery with Western silhouettes

Many designers agree that most Chinese children’s wear brands lack a brand image, but DKLTJU’s debut has dispelled that notion. However, DKLTJU designers Zhou Lila and Shao Gang are no strangers to bold and smart creative risks.

DKLTJU’s designers are no strangers to bold and smart creative risks

They realized their creative culmination in their debut, perfectly combining opposing characteristics and elements. Their work further enhances the DKLTJU brand’s value and recognition, promoting Chinese culture through fashion to children.


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