Cong Tri Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Represented by BPCM NY.

Morning dew springs to life as the meadow welcomes a new day, unfolding in the sun like a newborn quail exiting its shell.

The early dew spills across a garden, the tree shadows clouded in its glossy translucency. Cast alongside the faint color of young leaves sprouted and the shimmery color of flower petals.

Cong Tri

Photos: Cong Tri

In that perfect picturesque moment before the morning mist drops, the flower struggles to withstand the mounting weight of the dew, its glassy beauty belies the danger it presents for the thin shaft. The blossom tilts in the breeze until it can brace upright no longer. Then with a quick flicker, all the moisture drops and shatters into the ground below.

To collect the oblique bead of dew is the attempt to retain that glorious moment.


Cong Tri is a self-taught fashion visionary and a respected name in the Vietnamese fashion industry. His signature aesthetic and craftsmanship are influenced by his origins while imbued with a contemporary spirit. Each of his collections is state-of-the-art and a fascinating story to be told. His work as the Creative Director for Cong Tri brand provides statement designs for women’s day and evening style.

In 2014, he was the first Vietnamese member of the Asian Couture Federation. Cong Tri is globally recognized in fashion and lifestyle publications with an influenctial celebrity coverage that includes Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Kate Bosworth, Naomi Campbell, Sophie Turner and Grabrielle Union.


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