Cindy Monteiro Spring 2018: New York Fashion Week

Cindy Monteiro NYFW SS18

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Cindy Monteiro transported guests to an island mindset for her debut at NYFW. A jaw dropping display of natural materials with shells and beading detail created a moving atmosphere for the designer’s first New York Fashion Week and first visit ever to the United States.

Cindy Monteiro: NYFW SS18

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Models walked barefoot along the draping white carpet as guests admired her intricate structuring of otherwise raw materials. Tranquil, yet tropical beats engulfed the venue that was at max capacity as guests sat at the edge of their seats awaiting each unique garment to hit the runway.

Linen and raffia fibers interlaced through body-hugging cutouts complimented the traditional white fabrics beautifully. Cindy Monteiro showed her widespread talent by displaying jumpsuits, dresses, shorts, and separates.

For such a young designer, Monteiro’s attention to detail is incredible. She weaved tiny leaves into twine to lace up her corseted dress tops and placed perfectly flattering geometric cutouts in the shoulders and décolletage of her garments.

Monteiro’s attention to detail is incredible

The collection, named Bernadina is full of hand painted work done by Monteiro herself and made of natural materials like cotton line, jute line and embellished with shells and sugar cane.

At just 27 years old, Cindy Monteiro is already making waves in the industry. While not a novice with fashion week, showing previously at Paris Fashion Week, traveling to New York for the first time ever for fashion week was a dream turned reality for this young designer from Cape Verde.

She wanted to portray her earthy mindset and made it a priority to use all natural fibers and materials. The collection bridged the gap between character of nature and women, a play on the woman’s strength and the softness.

Notable attendees included Francesca Curran of Orange is the New Black, Pepi Sonuga from Free Form’s Famous in Love, Real Housewife of Dallas Stephanie Hollman, and singer Ashlee Keating.


About Cindy Monteiro

Cindy Monteiro is young Cape Verdean, fashion designer of 26 years old. She was born in Switzerland, and she has grown between Switzerland and Cape Verde. She studied in France, in Lyon and Paris. By the time, she developed her own style, not forgetting her roots, incremented by the environment in which she lived, very soberly associating glamour, elegance, but also the ambivalence between strength and sensitivity of the Cape Verdean woman. She privileges fitted and straight cuts, light textures, sober colors, and lightweight materials, adapted to the climate of Cape Verde. Really close to her roots and as a real nature lover, she likes to have it represented in her designs by ecological and natural fabrics, like: jute fabrics, cotton, and sugar cane crafts. Most of the fabrics are hand painted by her.

She lunched her brand: CM; on December 7, 2013 in Praia, Cape Verde. And she devoted herself to develop the Cape Verdean fashion industry, participating in some events like the first Hair Styling Show; Vaiss Fashion Day; She represented her country at the African Fashion Reception in Paris; She has been the Cape Verde First Lady fashion designer; and by it she had the chance to send to the last United State First Lady: Michelle Obama, who kindly sent her a letter thanking her for the dress.


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