Cannabis Couture: The New Wave of Fashion

Cannabis Couture: The New Wave of Fashion

Nobody thinks about fashion and cannabis together but these two can co-exist. Cannabis is an ancient and popular herb that can be consumed for recreational or medical purposes.

Before, it was standard to consume cannabis by smoking a joint, but today shops like Grasscity offer a wide variety of different consumption methods available. Since legalization, the stigma attached to this herb has slowly faded and now cannabis is all the rage. The fashion industry has recognized this and has hopped on the train and incorporated cannabis into its products. The fashion world draws inspiration from many places across the world and they are now taking full advantage of the rising cannabis culture and coming up with different spins on it. Keep reading to learn more.

Cannabis Imagery

There have always been clothing items with cannabis imagery available for cannabis enthusiasts and stoners. When people think of these clothing items, they typically think of a t-shirt with a cannabis leaf printed on it or a necklace with a cannabis leaf charm. You might have also seen a t-shirt with the infamous picture of Bob Marley smoking a blunt on it. Nothing high-fashion, just simple and basic clothing items that cater to the stoner community as well as other cannabis enthusiasts. You can find anything from t-shirts to socks to hats and these days, more and more people are starting to wear clothing with this sort of imagery. This has now hit the high-fashion scene and although it is not common to find retail franchises selling pro-cannabis clothing, this style is a common theme in street style and you can easily find these cannabis-inspired items and local markets or lesser-known stores.

Cannabis-themed accessories

Besides necklaces, earrings, and bracelets featuring cannabis charms, other cannabis-themed accessories are becoming more and more popular and design houses are starting to jump in on this trend. One of the highest-profile fashion brands called Edie Parker has invested in the cannabis industry and has created and released a specially designed line of cannabis accessories which include pipes and rolling papers. This is not without challenges though and in fact, Edie Parker has had to open an entirely new website just to sell these cannabis items because cannabis is still considered illegal according to federal law. This has resulted in the fashion brand having to limit sales to states where cannabis is legal such as Massachusetts and New York City. Another brand that has embraced cannabis culture is the French brand Zig-Zag. This century-old brand sells rolling papers and other smoking accessories. Zig-Zag has also designed clothing items inspired by cannabis and streetwear which is showing that cannabis is being embraced more by higher-end brands.


In our society, celebrities are the biggest influencers of the masses, and brands and businesses have collaborated with celebrities for decades to push product sales and boost brand awareness. The reason for this is that celebrities have massive cult followings and if they promote a product, their fans are likely to spend their money on it. This is also why so many celebrities also branch out into entrepreneurship. Relating to the cannabis culture, more and more celebrities are coming out and pushing this trend onto society, especially since legalization started spreading. Celebs such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Miley Cyrus have all advocated the use of cannabis. Whether it is cannabis itself or accessories and clothing, celebs are endorsing it and even selling their cannabis products. Even athletes are coming out in support of cannabis which will further shift the world into embracing this plant more and more.

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Cannabis is no longer a demonized plant and people of the world are now beginning to fully accept and normalize the use of this herb. As a result, the cannabis industry is booming and entrepreneurs are rushing to get in on the action. The fashion industry has also noticed the success and overall influence of cannabis and is now drawing inspiration from this herb and creating products for their audience. It has always been the role of fashion to capture culture and expression through clothing and accessories so it’s natural that cannabis, which has such massive cultural significance, is being used by the fashion industry.


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