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Arab Fashion Week Roundup

(Main photo designer: Laura Mancini)

Arab Fashion Week Roundup

Arab Fashion Week in Dubai is making a name for itself in the field of “ready couture”; and — more importantly — by the indisputable quality of its production and featured designers. Created by the Arab Fashion Council, in partnership with Sheikh Mohammed Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum Investment, the five-day event in Dubai recently hosted a swarm of international designers.

The result was a diverse assortment of designers showcasing a range of styles and backgrounds, all while keeping close to Arab Fashion Week’s signature “ready couture” approach.

Day 1

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Day 1 started with Abdo Aouadi, who displayed his feminine silhouettes with rich embroidery with subtle hues, followed by Jenanne Filat, the Palestine-American designer who wowed the audience with her menswear lineup. The right mix of vibrant colors and pastels made the collection apt for the region.

The right mix of vibrant colors and pastels

Mrhua Mrshua highlighted the monochrome, using accessories that had a tribal vibe. Marchesa marked the end of Day 1, with the brand leaving the crowd mesmerized. Their trademark appliqué and delicately detailed gowns received a great reception, as predicted.

Day 2

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On Day 2, demi couture and prêt-à-porter brand Ilse Jara used strong textures that incorporated art motifs. Laquan Smith and Laura Mancini showcased their collections as well. Where the former brought back rock chic with firm cuts and thigh-high boots, the latter kept her collection classic and soft.

Jeans Couture took the bold path, with the reds and the blacks married creatively. Next-Generation Project dabbled between arty and modern cuts that enthralled the onlookers.

Day 3

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Indonesian designer Sapto Djojokartiko interpreted his vision with graphics and lace while Italian designer Renato Ballestra placed the pastel palette onto flowy gowns on Day 3.

Malliny brought back the ’60s with tea-length dresses and crocheted tops.

With the right amount of embroidery, Speranza Couture gave its craft a sophisticated edge. Florals seemed to dominate the collection, from empire waist to dainty neckline.

The day also witnessed Dubai designer Zoe Eckett with her modern take on the abaya — the local dress of the Middle East.

Day 4

[portfolio_slideshow id=30599 align=center width=699 click=advance thumbnailsize=40 showcaps=true]

Day 4 featured Dubai-based Aiisha Ramadan exhibiting her L’Azure collection, which contained 48 different looks by women from different walks of life. The deep hues of blues and red drew inspiration from the depths of the ocean. The collection varied from swimsuits to couture dresses and gowns.

Bruno Caruso, was also present among the talent displayed. Caruso’s eclectic designs were the perfect depiction of modernity-meets-tradition.

While Caruso’s designs left everyone spellbound, Kristina Fidelskaya enthralled all with her ready-to wear collection. Her long flowing gowns were soft and made an impact.

Lace seemed to be the constant hero on the runway, and Polish designer Sylwia Romaniuk channeled the look spectacularly.

Lace seemed to be the constant hero on the runway

The day ended with Dubai’s favorite couturier Michael Cinco. Cinco never fails to impress. His attention to detail shows well in every design and is impeccable.

Day 5

[portfolio_slideshow id=30600 align=center width=699 click=advance thumbnailsize=40 showcaps=true]

The last day of the week ended with the absolute best. Antonio Marras enticed fashion lovers with his bold prints and solid cuts. Marras always seems to have a tale to tell with his vivid collage of detailed patterns.

Ingie Chalhoub of the Ingie Paris had minimalist looks, but with an impact. Her choice of fabrics added the opulent touch, keeping the look absolutely clean and sharp.

We saw the return of Marchesa for the closing finale with their bridal collection. The Greek goddesses took to the runway, proving yet again that the brand never ceases to perform their magic. The voluminous dream-like gowns edged with chantilly lace were to die for.

All in all, Arab Fashion Week is proving that the Middle East is as serious about its fashion as for its love for everything luxurious. Here’s looking forward to next season.


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