Amber Wang: Do Well, Live Well, And Dress Really Well

Do Well, Live Well, And Dress Really Well

As the people of the world have stepped into 2021, it has become obligatory for everyone to accept that fashion is dominating and had made its way to every sector. From business to sports to daily lives, the wave of fashion has taken over each corner of the world. People are now more aware and conscious of what they wear and how they look. It is mostly because of the social media stars, especially the Instagram fashionistas and influencers, who have raised the bar.

‘Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life’ – Bill Cunningham

Photo via Amber Wang / Photographer: Jorge Duva / Fashion Editor/Stylist: Danny Santiago

The global fashionistas are following this quote quite literally. Among these global style icons is Amber Wang. Hailing from Luoyang, an industrial city in China’s Henan province, Wang is an aspiring model and actor. Having joined the industry recently, she has been in the spotlight for her professionalism and talent. Influenced by American fashion trends, Amber is an advocate of high-end fashion in China.

Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style

Born on June 10th, 1996, Amber Wang belonged to a well-settled Chinese family. Her grandfather was among the first groups of Chinese pilot and mother Hongqin Wei, was the vice president for a business club in Nanyang. When in Dongsheng Middle School, she developed an interest in sports and participated in the Women Basketball Competition on the city level when she was 14. Even as a kid, she was quite conscious of how she looked and dressed. Amber was fond of dressing well and did not compromise on her style. She was 15 when she traveled to the State, attended the Calvary chapel Christian school, and then moved to Penn State University to complete her graduation.

Upon returning to China from the States, she began working at Warrior Education, an English training agency. Amber was a hard-working individual, and her dedicated work ethic enabled her to climb the stairs of success, becoming the training agency’s CEO. With the passage of time, Amber become an ardent follower of fashion. Her dressing sense and unique style were appreciated by many. It was normal for her to become the center of attention everywhere she went. And so, one day, because of her on-point dressing and personality, Amber was approached by Wilhelmina Models to shoot for a sports campaign shot by James Farrell. Inspired by and obsessed with fashion, Amber accepted the offer, and the rest is history.

Amber Wang, now known as Zhaoyang Wang, is ruling the modeling industry. Her love and dedication to fashion were evident. She always kept herself updated regarding the latest trends and made sure that her wardrobe had everything a fashionista needed. Making her debute by participating in Elite Model Competition in 2018, Amber is now a renowned Chinese model and actor.

China L’offical and China Fashion Cosmopolitan have recognized the brown-eyed beauty’s talent and have written about her indicating her potential to become a future superstar. Amber has also been represented by Edge Fashion China and signed by Tencent. Making use of her knowledge about fashion and its ever-changing trends, she bagged an internship at the New York Fashion Week in 2019. Attending this event motivated her, even more to stay in this field, as it felt like she was doing the right thing.

Being in the fashion industry for merely two years, Amber had the opportunity to collaborate and work for many brands and top-notch photographers and designers. She has graced the covers of almost 30 magazines with her outstanding pictures and aesthetic fashion sense, including Vanity Teen and Flanelle. She is also the ambassador for Wear Wardrobe, which is a clothing version of Airbnb.

2020 was the year for Amber. Despite the coronavirus pulling down each sector’s growth graphs, the modeling and fashion industry was on the rise. At the beginning of the year, she got the chance to model for GHHAUS NYFW 2020. Amber also become the first Chinese cover model for Pump Magazine in 2020. As social media usage was on the rise, Amber used her business instincts and made the most out of her Instagram account. She was approached by many fashion agencies and companies to promote and model for their brand while at home.

Currently residing in China, Amber Wang is being handled by a Beijing-based talent agency, Shudaixiong Meida. She is shooting for the film ‘Model Wanted’ by ITCL Film. Amber is on the right path to success with her dedication and chic fashion sense and will be a global fashion in no time.


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