Alan Crocetti “Flowers From Exile” Jewelry Presentation

Alan Crocetti “Flowers From Exile” Jewelry Presentation

Represented by Ritual Projects.

FLOWERS FROM EXILE contemplates the multiple realities and layers of human experience. It acknowledges how one-dimensional interpretations of who we are isolate and alienate us from the intricate process of ever blooming and becoming.

The first paradigm the designer explored was censorship and sin. Drawing from this biblical idea of human being sinners from conception, this collection tries to unpack the shame and guilt associated with our flesh and bodily sensations imposed on us by society’s morals and principles. As he represented on the chastity devices and chastity necklace, morality reduces human desire to the dichotomy of SEX as CORRUPTION.

Alan Crocetti

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As a designer, I personally felt push backs for expressing my take on sex and sensuality. Despite relying on romance, art, and poetry, my work has been constantly censored by social media platforms as if my photos could corrupt and desensitize individuals away from preconceived ideas of sacred intimacy. – Alan Crocetti

This collection introduces a re-envisioned version of his signature space ear cuffs.

In this new light, the Space Warp, with its layers and parallels, represents the distortion between what I want to convey in terms of the beauty and normalcy of being sensual and sexual and how my work is digested, judged, and suppressed. – Alan Crocetti

The Nachash pieces are inspired by the best representation of the biblical paradox of sex and corruption, the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The cruder interpretation of Genesis posits an image of apart from the divine, evil, something to be feared and rejected.

In the designer eyes, the snake and its periodical casting off of its slough symbolizes endurance, continuous renewal of life, transformation and healing. In his designs they intertwine signature shapes, coming from inside the ears to evoke the idea that the serpent lives inside us all and is not to be portrayed as a seductive persuader from outside our shells.

The Gem in Heat earrings and necklace tie the collection together as fire can stand for carnal sin or, as the designer see it, an invitation for people to disrupt singular narratives, unearth their layers, burn away masks, and embrace their passion and desires.


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