Adding Essential Oils in Your Pet Care Routine

Adding Essential Oils in Your Pet Care Routine

The concentrated extracts of different parts of trees/plants, essential oils, have been used for centuries for the overall health and wellbeing of humans. No matter whether it’s a kind of skin or hair-related issue, these natural oils always helped our ancestors to combat the conditions. Now, in modern times, they’re contributing to our lives the same way they did for our forefathers.

But recent developments in science and technology revealed that these natural extracts are also beneficial to our furry friends in numerous ways. Let’s have a look at what those conditions can be and what are the best essential oils we’ve chosen for your pets. Also, it’s worth noting that essential oils can be more harmful for cats than they can be for dogs if used improperly. So, we’re focussing only on dog-friendly essential oils throughout the text.

Lavender Essential Oil

Let it be the trips to the vet, strange visitors, new experiences, loud noise, or some injury or illness, they all cause pets to experience stress, fear, and anxiety. And what essential oils can do is calm and relax them to a higher level possible. Lavender Essential oil is a gentle, go-to oil to calm disturbed pets down. and the most interesting thing about the oil is that it can be used on both dogs and cats. The oil helps improve their confidence and self-esteem while offering a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system. Popular as the Queen of Calm, Lavender essential oil’s powerful chemical composition helps de-stress your anxious pet and thus improves the quality of their sleep.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Essential oils don’t let themselves be limited to just the mood helping of your canine friend, instead, their skin and coat can also be benefited from these drops in various ways. And Chamomile essential oil performs lots of tasks in this regard. No matter the main cause, dogs face hot spots and sores every now and then. Chamomile essential oil’s chemical composition helps you heal that issue faster and effectively. Skin allergies lead to a great urge to itching and too much itching further leads to inflammation and sometimes wounds. Just a few drops of chamomile essential oil can help stop the cause and effects for your furry friend.

Lemon and Lemongrass Essential oils

When bugs like ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and many others start bugging your furry friend, then this combo of essential oils always comes to the rescue. Renowned for its repellent properties, Lemongrass essential oil has been used for centuries to keep insects away from houses. Also, Lemongrass herb was grown in the yards and gardens to make the area safe from mosquitos and other bugs. Lemon essential oil‘s linalool content makes it powerful mosquito, fleas, and tick repellent. Add to this some more benefits these two essential oils can bless your pets with. Anti-inflammatory properties of the two can help heal tick bites, itching rashes and wounds, skin inflammation, and redness.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Essential Oils for Pets

Considering or avoiding the below-mentioned points would determine whether you’re helping your pet or accidentally putting them into more trouble.
Use in low quantities. Must dilute the essential oils before topical application with some carrier oil like almond or coconut.
Don’t let essential oils contact their mouths and eyes. For this, apply essential oils behind the ears, on the collar or neck, and to the pads of feet.
Save both your pet and money as you tend to do when looking for any other product for your pet. So, opt for a company that offers 100% pure essential oils at wholesale prices.

Final Thoughts

From enhancing your pet’s mood to renovating their skin, essential oils come with many benefits for them. For essential oils, less is more, so be specific in terms of choosing and using essential oils for yourself and for your furry friends. Wishing you a great time with the drops of relief and vigor!


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