A Guide to Grunge Hair and Beauty Trends for 2023

The 90s dominated fashion last year. While the trends were starkly varied, ranging from grunge to Barbiecore, rebellion underpinned each revived 90s look – and the idea of defiance is going nowhere in 2023.

A return to sportswear, dungarees, and slip dresses conveys a nonchalant approach to clothing. Gaudy accessories, glitter, and eye-watering pinks are contesting the natural beauty ideal that rose to popularity in 2020. And the oversized clothing, biker boots, and unruly shag hairstyles of grunge answer the call for fashion with more anonymity and fluidity in terms of gender expression.

Keen to embrace the freedom of grunge fashion this year? Find inspiration for your new look with this guide to grunge hair and beauty trends for 2023.

Best grunge-inspired hairstyles for 2023

One of the best things about grunge hairstyles is that they will work on almost everyone.

90s bobs are leading the way this year, with a rough-around-the-edges cut to stop hair being a ‘do’. Take the blunt edges of Hailey Bieber’s new chop, or Jenny Ortega’s many-layered chin-length bob.

Bangs are also back – but with a twist. Think the slightly-too-short fringe of Paramore’s frontwoman, Hayley Williams, or embracing the natural waves of your hair for uneven coverage, in contrast to a traditional heavy full fringe.

To really embrace grunge hair, switch up your colour to one with cool tones. Ask your hairdresser to use a hair toner to cancel out brassiness and minimise the warm colours in your shade.
You can also hop on the wet look trend which complements the grunge ethos of non-conformity. Perfect a slicked-back style and keep hair gleaming all day long with shine creams and holding gels.

How to achieve a grunge makeup look

Original grunge makeup was characterised by matte skin, dark eyes, and deep lip colour. Its current revival is grounded in the same colour palette and heavy application, but with a few updates.

Smoky eyes are central to any grunge makeup look. Don’t be afraid to go bold on the eyeliner and use dark brown, grey, or purple shadows to ring the eye. While a messy smudged look was the order of the day in the 90s, the 2023 revival calls for a touch more finesse to achieve a ‘perfectly effortless’ result.

Brown and purple used to be the lip colour of choice for grunge makeup, but deep vampire red is currently the shade to beat. Keep the lipstick matte and avoid using liner to create an authentic grunge lip.

One of the colours set to trend this year is slime green, a direct contrast to Pantone’s Colour of the Year ‘Viva Magenta’. This green works perfectly with grunge looks as it is a statement against the pink that will rule the runways. Nail polish is an easy and eye-catching way to incorporate this colour into your look without it detracting from the grunge theme.


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