9 Style Tips for College Students

9 Style Tips for College Students

TFor many people, college is all about reinventing yourself and expressing your creativity.

Today, people are celebrated for their diversity, and the fashion world tries to follow trends of body positivity. But is college really a place to abandon all rules of traditions and common sense in the name of your personal style?

Look at this problem from another angle. A lot of students dedicate so much of their time to homework that they forget to socialize and make new friends. For these cases, you can order online help from EssayHub and dive into the fashion world! You will want to fit in and create a completely new identity after understanding what is stylish and what is not.

In any case, it seems that fashion is strongly connected to the life of college students. If you are not sure what to add to your wardrobe before going off to college, then this article is for you! Keep in mind that some colleges still ask their students to wear a uniform. But if you are going to a place where the rules about fashion are not that strict, here are 9 style tips for college students!

Keep It Simple

First and foremost, college is a place to learn. So, don’t forget that your outfit shouldn’t look like you’re heading for a Comic-Con. Sometimes, you can make a fashion statement with only one bright accent in your outfit.

Don’t Try Too Hard!

Of course, it’s only natural to want to impress other people. A lot of students feel the need to fit in with a certain group, so they try to copy their style. In these cases, you can end up with an outlook that doesn’t suit you at all and a philosophy that doesn’t reflect your values. So don’t try to impress everyone, because not all will appreciate it.

Know Your Body Type

Often, the clothes sold online or in stores only look good on a certain body type. Try to experiment with your clothes and find something that will look best on you! There are a lot of tutorials online that explain each body type and the attire that fits it. Also, another bonus of knowing what suits you best is that you will feel more comfortable as well!

Learn About New Places That Fit Your Budget

Going to the mall and buying everything off the rack can be pretty expensive! There is no need to spend all of your money on clothes. You can actually look very stylish even on a tight budget. Students often find lots of places that have low-priced clothes, such as:

  • thrift shops;
  • online marketplaces;
  • flea markets;
  • apps that help people sell their clothing.
Don’t Forget About Your Whole Look!

When students focus too much on their clothes, they forget about their general appearance. The way your hair, skin, and nails look plays a big part in your image. You can wear the simplest outfit and still look amazing with clear and refreshed skin and a cool new hairstyle! If you are on a tight budget, there are often salons in the area that offer free services to students for practice.

Have a Capsule of Clothes That Can Be Combined

Imagine that you wake up and realize that you are late for classes. It is very convenient when all of your clothes match each other! Just take something off the rack and run to your studies. With a capsule wardrobe, you will always look very stylish and minimalistic with no effort.

Draw Inspiration From Websites, Fashion Weeks, or Magazines

Fashion comes to some people naturally. They can throw together a whole look without any effort and be a center of attention for the day. In case you are not one of those people, here are some life hacks:

  • follow some fashion blogs or Instagram accounts with style tips;
  • read about different fashion periods, like the 1980s or the 1940s. Maybe you will find inspiration there!
  • take some advice from your more stylish friends;
  • watch Fashion Week and learn about the trends for the year.
Use Accessories

Current trends in fashion dictate that less is more. Also, minimalism in clothes and accessories is very appropriate in a learning environment. But there is nothing wrong with a couple of jewelry pieces that will go with everything! You can add a watch, some earrings, or sunglasses that will bring the image together and add uniqueness to your look.


Experiment to find your one-of-a-kind image! With all these style tips, there is only one main goal: learn to express yourself! Today, students choose to feel comfortable and still look amazing. You can mix different styles, for example, sports clothes and official attire.

To Sum Up

College life is full of problems anyway, so there is no need in adding to them the thinking about what to wear! Students often don’t have a lot of space for their clothing anyway. So, you are welcome to experiment and create a stylish capsule that will work for you for any occasion!


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