7 Ways to Look Chic Even With a Mask

7 Ways to Look Chic Even With a Mask

With the COVID 19 pandemic still disrupting lives and claiming some, it is everyone’s responsibility to observe the necessary infection safety control measures. It has become necessary for us all to have our face masks on every time we are in public, so we can protect ourselves and those around us from this killer virus.

As the year comes to an end, economies are reopening, people are going back to their offices, and our movements are gradually increasing. This also means that the chances of getting exposed to the virus are getting higher.

Facemasks have become a cohesive part of our fashion sense. While you have to wear a mask to keep yourself and others safe from the disease, you don’t have to look like a clown. Here are seven ways you can look chic with a mask on.

1. Get Yourself a Quality Mask

A quality mask ensures the utmost protection from the virus. It should be comfortable, so you don’t have to keep feeling like you should take it off. When it comes to comfort, the Mask Fone has made a reputation in the world of face masks. Apart from the incredibly comfortable design, it is praised for features like earbuds and an inbuilt mic that allow you to pick your calls without having to take your mask off. The quality N95-grade filters keep you protected from the Covid-19 virus as well as other airborne pathogens and contaminants.

2. Make an Informed Fabric Choice

Not all fabrics make a good face mask. Consider having a solid silk mask over a daisy embroidered one. It looks fancier. Depending on the occasion, go for silk or matte cotton.

3. Choose Look-Alike Accessories

To have a chic look while wearing a mask, it has to resonate with the rest of your clothing, so it doesn’t look misplaced while on your face. While the face mask doesn’t have to blend with everything else, there are wiser ways to keep things interesting. You could simply get something that matches your mask, say, a handbag, shoes, or even a watch. Your headband can also do the trick.

4. Sticking to One Colour Theme

Monochrome outfits can be an excellent way to achieve that elegant look with a face mask. Single-color clothing is easy to coordinate with your face mask. For example, a white face mask will fit perfectly with that white outfit you have in your wardrobe. You can also add in white shoes and a bag to complete the look and have the elegance you always had before the pandemic. Neutral colors such as black for the mask will easily pair up with anything you wear. Find a color that you love and match it from head to toe, and all eyes will be on you.

5. Mix up Your Prints

You can get a brightly-colored print mask that will go with any other print in your wardrobe. A low-key pattern with an over-the-top-piece will bring out the elegance that you are looking for. Make sure the colors fit in together.

6. Print Something on Your Mask

You can also get your mask printed with something inspirational or creative. For example, a red lip print on your mask will make you look like you have lipstick. Smileys are also quite common these days. Adding a bit of creativity to your face mask will bring out the best.

7. Mix Florals of All Shapes and Sizes

Shower your mask with floral prints of all sizes and shapes. However, keep in mind that the best way to make the whole look cohesive is to have something that matches your face mask’s color.

After Covid-19 emerged, face masks shortly became part and parcel of our lives. The mask you choose can have an impact on your daily look. With the above few tips, looking stylish with a face mask should feel like rocket science.


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