5 Tips For Mixing And Matching Earrings

5 Tips For Mixing And Matching Earrings

While putting together an unforgettable outfit of the day, always remember that while your clothes always take center stage, never leave accessories as a fashion after-thought. The right pairings are the key to bringing together the entire look, especially when it comes to earrings.

Traditionally, earrings were worn as singular pieces on each ear. Big, small, subtle, or bold, they played a pivotal role in adding a wow factor to one’s appearance. Today while their significance remains the same, the different ways to style earrings are limitless.

With so many shapes, types, and styles of earrings available, it might get confusing knowing how to mix and match earrings. While your personal style and preferences should always be your guiding light, here are our top five tips and tricks on how to mix and match earrings to perfection.

Go edgy with ear cuffs

If you want to add a rockstar chic element to your look, chain earrings are the perfect style for you. These are typically worn as ear cuffs that are clipped to your regular earring. They can either dangle or get clipped, depending on what you prefer. Ear cuffs can be worn as singular pieces on one ear with regular earrings on the other. This is the perfect mismatched, yet put-together style of accessorizing that is bound to get you plenty of compliments.

Play around with subtle studs

Studs have been around for as long as ears have but continue to be in vogue to date. Here is how you can make them hip. Mix and match different studs to create a stacked look depending on the color theme you want to go for. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple piercings, but even if you don’t, you can go for stick-on or magnetic studs to create the same look. Use different shapes and sizes to create a mismatched yet fashionable ear party.

Hop on the single hoop train

If you are feeling a little bold, this one’s for you. Take a large-sized hoop earring and wear it on one of your ears. A pro tip would be to go for something thinner rather than a chunky hoop if you want it to look chic rather than clunky.

As for the other ear, you have two options, either to leave it bare or to pair it with a small stud or a subtle earring. The idea is that it should not clash with the statement piece and should, in fact, complement it. This trend has been ongoing for many years yet never fails to impress.

Don’t hesitate to mix up colors

Earrings come in different coloring from gold, silver, bronze, to anything you can name. While it is tempting to wear a single color to keep things cohesive and neat, we are pushing for the perfect mix and match combination. So, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little. In fact, gold and silver make for a striking pair.

Depending on your outfit and overall look, you can even alternate the colors in a stack or follow an overall theme. The only thing to be mindful of is that while some colors compliment each other, others tend to dull each other down so go for the right combination. You can refer to the color wheel as a guide.

Don’t go overboard with the rest of your jewelry

If, on any given day, you are making a flashing statement with mix and match earrings and statement pieces, try to tone down the rest of your accessories. You can do this by picking subtle pieces for your necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This will allow the attention to remain solely on the gorgeous earpieces.

If you were to keep your entire accessory game mismatched, there is a risk of your entire look appearing disheveled and cluttered rather than trendy. So keep the rest of the accessories simple. You can match them with elements of your earrings; for example, if you have opted for gold, then wear a matching bracelet or a necklace to create some form of symmetry overall.

Parting Thoughts

When it comes to accessories, earrings can make or break an outfit which is why they should never be ignored. Especially with the variety out there, there is plenty of playing field to mix, match and let your creative juices flow in putting together unique pairings and combinations. Take our tips and tricks and think out of the box for some striking earring looks that are bound to turn heads.


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