5 Steps for Writing an Application Essay for Fashion School

Are you passionate about fashion? Fashion offers lots of opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs who want to transform the world positively. When they apply for fashion school, most learners expect to work on activities that are related to fashion. The last thing on their minds is writing a good essay.

Writing essays can be boring, time-consuming, and at times, frustrating. However, fashion bloggers earn thousands of dollars nowadays. Therefore, learning how to write an essay today will put you on the side of the angels in the future. No learning institution will offer a fashion diploma without requiring you to write several essays. This might sound challenging. However, if you follow the five tips that we are about to share with you, you won’t have a problem. Let’s get started!

1. Don’t follow others

The fashion industry has lots of trends. However, when writing an essay, you need to have original points. You need to publish the things that others haven’t written. While your professor will be the only person reading your essay, you want to form this habit as early as you can. You should aim at submitting an essay that truly engages your reader. A professor in fashion school has probably read thousands of essays with a similar theme or message. And this can bore or irritate him or her. You need not attack all the current fashion trends. However, being critical of various twists is essential.

2. Read fashion essays and blogs

To become a professional in this field, you need to read lots of magazines, blogs, fiction, and non-fiction works. You can even consider visiting the website of the author to get more information. This exercise will help you think outside the box and formulate thoughts while writing your essay. Reading non-fiction works will also help you to learn more about our modern world and operate more effectively. Also, reading fiction literature will help you learn more about the past and come up with great ideas for your school essays.

3. Always proofread your work

The majority of successful artists make mistakes. And some of these mistakes end up becoming great fashion twists. However, in college, you need to proofread your work to end up with a flawless piece. An essay full of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors is not only difficult to read but also irritating.

You need to read student papers over and over again. If you can’t do this exercise, you should consider hire writers because they can write your essay in 3 hours and proofread it or you can submit it to your study partner to correct the mistakes that your eyes can’t see. If you decide to use a grammatical checker, you will get help for students. Use at least three versions to find all your mistakes. Once you’re done, spend a couple of minutes reading your essay aloud. This will allow you to see how long your sentences are. And cut them accordingly.

4. Don’t forget to include personal experience

When you can, you need to include your story in your essays. It can be your attitude towards different body types, the things that you thought about fashion as a child, and your attitude towards disasters that have happened in the fashion industry. In the fashion world, your personality plays an integral role. You need to have a strong personal opinion that can’t be blown by different trends happening in the world.

5. Organize your paragraphs

For your fashion essay to have a clear structure, you must organize using paragraphs. Every paragraph should be centered around one idea or point. The main idea should be included in the topic sentence. And all of them should flow smoothly. You can consider using transition words to form clear connections between your sentences. To improve the flow of your essay, you must create an outline before you start the writing process. This tool will give you a clear idea of the points that you’ll cover in your essay. It will also act as a guide to help you avoid losing track.

Bonus Tip: Simplicity is key

Avoid using jargon or vague words while writing your essay. These words tend to confuse and irritate most readers. You need to use simple words as much as you can. The last thing you want is to force your readers to use a dictionary when reading your essay. Keeping things simple is one of the greatest keys to success in the world of writing.


Author Bio:

Paul Calderon is a professional editor and writer. He loves going out of his way to assist students who are in dire need of help. He enjoys cooking and playing with his pups during his free time.


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