5 Essential Books to Read for Fashion Design Students

5 Essential Books to Read for Fashion Design Students

Reading is one of the most fulfilling things because it exposes you to the world of knowledge and understanding.

Whereas reading is an acquired taste for many people, getting used to it may make you never want to turn back.

The fashion industry keeps on changing, which means there are different courses offered by various universities, with each of them recommending specific books. Below is a highlight of any courses. Below are five essential books you may read as a fashion design student. You might not even need to delegate your future Fashion research paper to writing essay service like EssayWritingService.com. These books will totally be enough!

The End of Fashion

The End of Fashion is written by Teri Agins. Understanding a given field in detail requires an understanding of its history and inception.

Without understanding how something came by, it is difficult to know its relevance today and what it is likely to become.

The same case applies to the fashion industry. Initially, fashion was only associated with a particular group of elites. The industry’s transition from elitist to what it is today is an important aspect for you to learn as a fashion student.

The End of Fashion can provide a useful guide for creating personal statements for graphic designers. For instance, if you have volunteer experience in fashion, it is easier to bring this out in a personal statement.

The End of Fashion explains the industry’s transition and the lessons to learn about fashion history. Tery Agins clearly explains the “whys,” “ hows” and “whats” of the fashion industry. The End of Fashion should therefore form part of your best reads in the fashion industry.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion

Different industries are characterized by trends that become engraved to the extent of becoming rules and subsequently unbreakable laws. In the little dictionary of fashion written by Christian Dior, you get to understand different fashion rules and tips that have framed the fashion industry to date.

In addition to the general rules and tips, this book offers tips on ways of dressing for various occasions. The little dictionary of fashion is, therefore, a fun book to read. Christian Dior highlights the style secrets targeting every woman and it covers everything, ranging from great wear for weddings and ways of tying a scarf and walking with grace.

From afternoon accessories and frocks to tweed and traveling, Dior’s expertise ensures that every woman understands grooming, good taste, and simplicity as fashion fundamentals. This fashion handbook features illustrations with delightful drawings and photographs, making it an excellent gift for you as a fashion student.

The Battle of Versailles

The Battle of Versailles by Robin Givhan is an excellent piece for fiction lovers. This book talks about a show that occurred in Versailles palace in 1973 that lead to the transformation of the fashion industry.

The fashion show was a competition between American designers and French designers. Givhan tells the tale of outsized egos, in-fighting, and other problems that American designers face in the fashion industry.

Gods and Kings

Written by Dana Thomas, Gods and Kings do not have any relations with Exodus. John Galliano and Alexander McQueen are some of the well-known characters in the fashion industry in the ’90s. They excelled in their career with successful and important fashion houses of that time.

Galliano was the owner of Dior, while McQueen was the owner of Givenchy. These two fashion icons encountered tragedies between 2010 and 2011 and that is how their era ended. Galliano and McQueen wanted to bring change to the fashion industry by turning landmark collections into theatrical, mesmerizing shows that are still relevant among critics and retailers today.

Their fashion approach was unique, with Galliano being an illustrator and McQueen being a tailor. Their work for Givenchy and Dior reflected across the landscape of the media and defined their unique styles.

That is how they managed to make luxury fashion evolve from a family-owned entity into a multimillion global corporate industry. If you want to learn more about the transformation of the fashion industry, Gods and Kings is the book to read.

Fashion- Oxford History of Art

The Oxford History of Art by Christopher Breward is a small book, yet very insightful because it explores fashion as a cultural thing. It talks about the revolution of fashion dating back to 150 years.

From the development of fabric technology and High Street to stars of fashion such as Giorgio Armani and Coco Chanel, Breward goes beyond the fashion territories. According to him, fashion is not just an industry but a diverse cultural phenomenon.

Breward’s view of fashion captures the world of advertising and vogue; how film and fashion are related. Rather than seeing fashion as a business, he explores how ideas about comfort and hygiene influence the style direction and how a dress creates status and identity.

In addition to glamour and glitz, Oxford History of Art gives suggested readings, a list of galleries and museums, and a timeline of important fashion events. Thus, it is one of the most accessible, modern, and valuable books to read as a fashion design student.


Reading is an essential aspect of any student wishing to excel in their studies and their career. With the above list of books, you can gather insights into the world of fashion ranging from trends, evolution, tips, and culture, among others. Develop a plan and create time to read the books as you take notes of the lessons and their relevance to the modern world of fashion.

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