5 Biggest Beauty Trends for Fashion Week

As fashion weeks around the globe unfold their glamor, we can’t help but swoon over the emerging beauty trends. These trendsetting events are about much more than just clothing – they’re a sneak peek into the beauty looks that’ll be taking over our Instagram feeds and magazine covers in the coming months.

From bold lips to statement eyes, and from natural glow to the return of the classics, we’re about to dive into the five biggest beauty trends that are stealing the spotlight at fashion week. So, buckle up, beauty enthusiasts! We’re set to inspire your next look with the crème de la crème of the beauty world.

1. Braided Hair

First on the list of beauty trends for the fashion week is the timeless classic, Braided Hair. Known for its versatility, it comes as no surprise that braided hair captured the attention of fashion connoisseurs yet again.

Braids, varied in their forms, offered an array of styles on the runway. With French braids, Dutch braids, box braids, and fishtail braids, designers didn’t hold back in showing the wide range of options available.

Models flaunting French braids, enhanced with hair accessories, made quite a statement. This specific style, combining the simplicity of French braids with the punch of hair accessories, gave rise to a creative yet manageable look.

On the other hand, Dutch braids provided an edgy alternative. Converted into updos or left loose, they landed a contemporary touch, reflecting the ability of braids to cater to diverse tastes.

Box braids also graced the runway, linking the modern beauty world to its roots. A nod to African heritage, the presence of box braids at the fashion week stands as a testament to its timeless appeal.

Fishtail braids, though traditionally a classic, floated as a novelty. Created with multiple strands or designed as singular masterpieces, fishtail braids signified a fine blend of tradition and innovation on the runway.

Yet, it’s not just superior design that makes braided hair an enviable trend. Braids boast of practicality as well, as they can tame unmanageable hair and resist weather impacts while adding style. Moreover, braids can aid in hair growth by eliminating damage from constant hair manipulation, making them an ideal hairstyle choice.

To replicate this trend, consider visiting a professional stylist, versed in techniques unique to braiding styles. Alternatively, mastering braiding at a basic level can allow for simple styles at home.
Ultimately, braided hair held a strong presence at fashion week, proving that classic styles can indeed morph into the biggest beauty trends.

2. Bold Eyes

Bold, statement-making eyes with professional eyebrow makeup from top brands are set to capture the spotlight on the fashion week runways, and this season is no exception. Major fashion shows once again champion this beauty trend, empowering models—and in turn, spectators—to express their character through eye makeup.

  • Striking Eyeliner: Upgraded eyeliners led the charge, drawing viewers’ gaze instantly. From cat eyes with a twist to graphic liners in vibrant hues, runways saw an assortment of eclectic looks. Credible authorities like Harper’s Bazaar emphasize the prevalence and variety of such trends, citing models sporting these looks at renowned shows.
  • Intense Eye Shadow: Enigmatic eye shadow looks dominate as another striking feature. Models flaunted eye-catching shades, like deep blues, rich purples, and neon greens. Vogue highlights the popularity of bold-colored and creatively applied eyeshadow, showcasing a multitude of designs, from block colors to intricate patterns.
  • Embellished Lashes: Catwalks often witness a resurgence of Art Deco-inspired lash designs. Models adorned their lashes with unique elements, such as feathers, pearls, and even metallic pieces. Elle draws attention to this design concept, reflecting on its frequent inclusion in fashion week makeup artistry.
  • Colossal Mascara: Oversized, clumpy lashes sprang up across multiple runways. Providing a dramatic contrast to traditionally dignified lash looks, these colossal lashes enhance the bold-eye trend with their daring shapes and sizes. Allure promotes this bold mascara trend, offering tips on achieving the impactful runway look.
  • Bright Inner Corners Highlight: To contrast with the bold and dark trend, the inner corners pop with light-reflecting pigments or neon shades. This minor yet significant detail illuminates the eyes, making them appear larger and brighter. Cosmopolitan points out this design detail’s newfound prevalence, noting the significant visual impact it imparts.

Whether it’s by incorporating flashy eyeliner or innovative mascara, bold eyes dominate the beauty scene at fashion week. The power of eye-contact becomes significantly amplified through such trends, with each look carrying an impact that’s bound to turn heads.

3. Scarves and Kerchiefs
Portrait of beautiful businesswoman in black dress with evening makeup and colorful lips on gray background. In red shawl

Moving beyond the allure of bold eyes, another distinct trend captivating runways globally is the resurgence of scarves and kerchiefs. These timeless accessories add an elegant touch to fashion ensembles, enhancing both the look and feel of the models strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

  • Fabric Fedoras: Scene-stealing scarves, in the form of fabric fedoras, have made their presence felt at fashion weeks worldwide. Seen at renowned shows like Dolce & Gabbana, wrapped around the crown and loosely knotted at the nape, these chic accessories inject a sense of Mediterranean flair into outfits. Take your style up a notch, just like the models, by pulling your hair into a sleek bun before securing the fedora-style scarf.
  • Bandana-style Kerchiefs: Fashion-forward bandana-style kerchiefs are another crowd favorite. These kerchiefs, showcased prominently by fashion houses such as Dior, can be styled in various ways, like neckerchiefs or head wraps, creating an edgy, cool-girl vibe.
  • Silk Scarves: Silk scarves, synonymous with luxury and femininity, have swept the runways. Tied around the neck or used as an elegant head wrap, these high-gloss accessories, as seen at Chanel, bring a touch of elegance to any ensemble.
  • Patterned Kerchiefs: Patterned kerchiefs, dripping with artistic flair, are a popular choice at events like New York Fashion Week. Models sport such accessories draped over their hair or jauntily tied over the forehead à la ‘70s hippie style.
  • Oversized Blanket Scarves: Oversized blanket scarves, with their immense versatility, have made a big splash. From Burberry to Marc Jacobs, many labels have presented these voluminous wraps, draped around necks or used as capes, for a cozy yet refined look.
    • Remember, these are just some examples of how scarves and kerchiefs are ruling the runway; their beauty lies in their endless versatility. You can experiment with various fabrics, patterns, and sizes to find the style that suits you best. After all, style is about self-expression, and these accessories offer a wonderful platform to do just that.
4. Soft Grunge Makeup

Probing further into the beauty trends gracing the fashion week runways, Soft Grunge Makeup emerges as a strong contender. Embodying an attitude of effortless style, this trend marries the grunge aesthetic of the 90s with a softer, more sophisticated approach. In essence, it’s a look that prompts nostalgia while ensuring relevance in contemporary fashion settings.

Distinguishing features of this trend include iridescent eye shadows, smudged eyeliner, dusty blush tones, and understated lips. A smoky eye, often considered a makeup staple, takes on a nonchalant, lived-in feel in this trend, created by blending darker hues with occasional pops of intense color.

To achieve the soft grunge look, one doesn’t require an arsenal of makeup products. A sultry kohl pencil for the understated eye-line, an array of muted eye shadows to emulate the ‘lived-in’ smoky eye, and a subdued blush tone to enhance the natural flush of the cheeks; these constitute the vital components of this makeup trend.

Notably, iconic brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent Paris have incorporated this trend into their runway looks, hinting at a wider embrace in the beauty and fashion industry. This trend also echoes shifts in cultural perceptions. Away from heavily contoured, high-definition makeup looks, it corrals fashion-conscious consumers towards a less polished, more authentic beauty aesthetic.

Variations in the Soft Grunge trend are prominent too, understanding this enables customization to personal style preferences. For instance, one may opt for more pronounced eyeliner adding depth to the look, or, conversely, go for a faded eyeshadow effect suiting a more subtle aesthetic.

Keeping pace with the influx of beauty trends at fashion week isn’t always a straightforward task. Yet, understanding the fundamental components of Soft Grunge Makeup provides direction for those fascinated by the fashion world or looking to revamp their personal style. As with any trend, the key lies in adapting and interpreting it in ways that resonate with one’s individual aesthetic and comfort level.

5. Wet-Looking Hair

As we wrap up our exploration of the five biggest beauty trends at fashion week, we can’t ignore the impact of wet-looking hair. It’s a trend that’s been making waves, pun intended, on runways worldwide. This style, reminiscent of fresh-out-of-the-shower hair, adds an edgy, effortless vibe to any look. It’s a perfect complement to the bold eyes, natural glow, classic braided hairstyles, and the resurgence of scarves and kerchiefs we’ve discussed. Pair it with the Soft Grunge Makeup for a truly contemporary, fashion-forward look. The beauty trends we’ve highlighted are more than just fleeting fads. They’re a reflection of the ever-evolving fashion industry and a testament to the power of self-expression. So, we encourage you to experiment, adapt, and make these trends your own. After all, it’s not just about following the trends; it’s about making them work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the beauty trends seen at fashion weeks?
Beauty trends seen at recent fashion weeks include bold lips, statement eyes, natural glow, and classic braided hairstyles. Some new shifts include creative use of eye make-up and the incorporation of scarves and kerchiefs on the runways.

What is the bold eye trend?
The bold eye trend emphasizes striking eyeliner, intense eye shadow, embellished lashes, colossal mascara, and bright inner corners highlight. These makeup techniques allow models and spectators alike to express individuality and make a bold statement.

What are some reputable sources that have discussed these beauty trends?
Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and Allure have extensively covered beauty trends seen at fashion week shows, emphasizing the significance of eye makeup in defining beauty trends beyond clothing.

What is Soft Grunge Makeup?
Soft Grunge Makeup combines the grunge aesthetic of the 90s with a softer, more refined approach. This trend features iridescent eye shadows, smudged eyeliner, dusty blush tones, and understated lips, creating a casual, worn-in feel.

Which iconic brands have embraced the Soft Grunge Makeup trend?
Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent Paris are a few iconic brands that have embraced the Soft Grunge Makeup trend. This reflects a shift towards a more authentic beauty aesthetic in the fashion industry.


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