Rossella Jardini Milan Fashion Week FW18

Rossella Jardini launches “Metamorphosis”, a special “No Season Collection” which starts from the recovery of the basic pieces that have made the history of the brand to create new value and give them a second life.

Use, reuse, recycle: a virtuous transformation valuing the essence of iconic garments – from the field jacket to the caban coat and trenchcoat. Rossella Jardini transforms ever-green pieces into objects of desire, unique and inimitable, toning down formality with the irony that characterizes her signature style.

Rossella Jardini: Milan FW18


The rigor of the outerwear has thus been made more feminine by the application of embroidery and trim, patches and vintage buttons, for a final result that conveys a joyful and contemporary vision of fashion. All of this added detailing is strictly handmade, changing the way the jackets are used: the casual becomes chic, the informal is invested with a vein of shock, in a real metamorphosis not just of use, but of style.

“Metamorphosis is more a manifesto of sustainability than a project: today, in a fashion system that offers everything instantly and excessively, we need a new awareness of what we wear, and of the history behind a garment, which is its true value”, explains Rossella Jardini.

To present her special project, Rossella Jardini has chosen the format of the art installation and a prestigious contemporary location: the Milan-based Galleria Christian Stein. Twelve mannequins have been set up inside of the art gallery with the function to convey the message of a collection which is both an aesthetic work and a sustainability manifesto. The art-space, located in Corso Monforte 23, was a natural choice for such a project, as it ties together the passion for beauty of two women: namely, Rossella Jardini and Margherita Von Stein, the founder of the gallery, who, since 1966, has been collecting masterpieces and organising refined art-exhibitions.


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