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Interview with Francesca Aiello | Frankies Bikinis at Miami Swim Week

Interview with Francesca Aiello

Intro by Pablo Starr

Frankies Bikinis was one of the strongest — and most anticipated — shows of Miami Swim Week. And it was a terrific show, full of sass, confidence, and color: if you could get in. The line outside stretched for several blocks, but once inside, guests were treated to champagne flutes filled with cotton candy and other goodies. The show, like the collection, was unapologetically girly and daring, showcasing a range of super-sexy styles on models of all shapes and size. Pictures to come soon.

We met up with founder Francesca Aiello after the show to find out more about her and the inspiration behind the brand.

Interview by Kyleigh McCollam
(C’est Le Style)

Q: What made you want to design swimwear?

Growing up in Malibu, I always loved bikins, and I couldn’t find the perfect one. So I started making my own.

Q: What makes Frankies Bikinis different or unique?

Frankies Bikinis supports women of all sizes. As far as the designs go, we always like to keep the girls on their toes, and stay up-to-date on the trends.

Frankies Bikinis supports women of all sizes

Q: I noticed you like a lot of the ’90s vibes; that was really fun. Where do you find inspiration, and what inspired this collection?

This was collection was sportier than our usual collection. I really find inspiration from young girls all around the world. I love their vibe, and all their confidence. I want to keep making swimsuits that make people feel really good about themselves.

I find inspiration from young girls all around the world

Q: What is your favorite swimsuit from this collection and why?

My favorite is the Adele. It’s a super-sexy, high-up on the hips, one piece. It can go from day to night: as a bikini, and then you can wear it with shorts when you go out with heels.

you can wear it with shorts when you go out with heels

Q: Define the ultimate Frankies Bikinis girl. Who is she, and what is she like?

A girl who’s careless, and lives in her bathing suit, and has no inhibitions.


Stay tuned for our full coverage, coming soon.

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