Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend, volunteer, or work during fashion week?

Although most events are “industry only” (buyers and press), there are specific opportunities for the public to attend. Read “How to Attend Fashion Week.

How does this site work?

Calendars show when fashion weeks are coming up. We have two: one for the Big 4, and one for all other fashion weeks.

Schedules, on the other hand, show all of the individual events, where available.

1.  Check the fashion week calendar to see which fashion weeks are upcoming.

2.  To find out which events are happening each day, see the schedules (mainly “Big 4” fashion weeks at present).

3.  Although most events are industry only, there are some open-to-the-public events listed. If one interests you, click on it, and you’ll find more information inside.

4.  Can’t make it to the shows? You can watch many of them streamed live.

5.  Often you can even shop live.

When does fashion week happen each year?

The womenswear shows begin in February and September. The menswear shows (and the women’s “haute couture” shows in Paris) happen in January and in the summer months. For more details, read “When Is Fashion Week?

I’d like to model / do makeup during fashion week.

For models, we’re developing a list of casting calls here.

For HMUA opportunities, we recommend looking at the classifieds here. You can also post a classified offering your services, or Google around for other fashion classified listings (there are a lot of websites that do this, actually). You might also contact the producers directly. (There’s a list of NYFW producers here.)

Finally, if you’re willing to do a little research, there’s a lot of great info. here.

How can I apply as a designer?

You can see a list of designers who produce shows in New York here. In Europe, you can produce the show yourself, as many designers do, or contact a producer or agency dedicated to fostering and promoting talent (like FHCM in France, Camera Nazionale della Moda in Italy, or the British Fashion Council in London).

Is there a fashion week calendar?

Yep. Here’s the fashion week calendar. There are also schedules for each city.

What’s the history of fashion week?

It all began in the 1800s, in the haute couture salons of Paris. Read “History of Fashion Week.”

Is there an “official” New York Fashion Week?

Actually, no. Read this.

Do you need writers?

We love submissions from witty, good-hearted people on the ground at fashion week, or who want to interview trendsetters. Read this.

Can I send photographs?

Yes, as long as they’re bursting with color (or bursting with black and white) and personality, and high quality. More info. here.

Can I advertise?

Read this.

Can I submit my event to the calendar?

Yes, submit here.

Why wasn’t my calendar event approved / posted?

Please read this.

Can I contact FWO?

Of course, IF we didn’t answer any of your questions above. Otherwise, please save a pixel. : )  Contact us here.