Virtual Reality Fashion Week

Virtual Reality Fashion Week

Visit VR Fashion Week™.

Virtual reality. Augmented reality. Mixed reality. There may be no better way to realize the true spirit of fashion week (as we see it) than through some of these technologies, which are already primed to transform every aspect of our lives.

To that end, Virtual Reality Fashion Week™ is gathering a number of these technologies together for an experience that, ultimately, has little to do with technology and everything to do with fashion.

A true virtual fashion week experience involves shows that can be experienced anywhere, and aren’t limited to traditional runways. They involve elements of fiction and fantasy (all fashion being fantasy, ultimately), and just as importantly, can give viewers a much closer look at fabrics and patterns, combining the best of salon and runway presentations.

VR Fashion Week™ is enabling an entirely new kind of dialogue between designers, fashion fans, buyers, and the press.

But as much as everyone loves to be a part of fashion week, everyone also loves the aspirational element inherent to a certain amount of exclusivity. Certain guests can appear in the virtual or actual audience, even as the live shows and replays can be enjoyed by viewers at home, by plugging into their own at-home virtual reality headsets.

But beyond the show itself, a true VR Fashion Week™ experience involves virtual fittings, shared looks, holographic reality, augmented, and mixed reality fashion experiences.

Join Fashion Week Online and RNWY, as we curate an entirely new kind of fashion week experience. At Virtual Reality Fashion Week™, the experiences may be virtual, but the style on display is still as real as ever.


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