Have you happened to see the most beautiful girl in the world? Please note: 1) Heart-shaped spot. 2) Pinky face. 3) Lemur tail. 4) “Land eagle” tufts. 5) Rabbit cheff (rabbit chest); if you’re careful, you might get rabbit bit. 6) Squishy chin(s). 7) Bear butt. 8) Overall plumpy love goose (PLG) effect. Aka “cutie puff baby” and “life’s perfection” (LP). “They call her cutie puff. If you don’t like pp tough; ‘cuz she’s gonna’ be pp-ing on stuff.” “She’s the bunny bear with the charming hair, doing the cutie dance everywhere. Doing the things a baby likes to do.” Her food song is: “It’s your cutie foodie time, and I’m going to make this baby mine. If you don’t kiss her, it’s a crime, because she’s cutie all the time. Doo-doo-doo-dootie-die, oo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-dee-oo-doo DOO-DOO.” She’s a cranky raddip. I call her “bear butt,” “bony butt,” often “baby bear,” but usually just “bear.” She believes eleventy is the highest number there is. Oh my goodness, Beauty! Everyone know eleventy is the highest number that ‘ziff!! I love her fluffy chops and squishy chin, raddip feet and cutie toev. She very deautifuls with her cutie taws. She my stecial trincess, and very trecious. She like her cutie foodie suter-duter-nooshy. She like to lie in her sunny stop in the living room. “Hey Beauty, want to watch TV with me-vee?” I like her ultimate cuteneff and petal ears. When I see her I just say “Hey!” When I get home I say, “Your papa’s home! Your ever-lovin’ man, captain of your heart.” She a cutieful, deautiful baby aninal. She got a button nose. She’s Padlo’s heavy metal trincess. “She’s the cutie beauty with the cutie booty, everything she does is very cutie, I love her and so should you-dee.” Also she taste like dutter scotch, cotton camby, cutie popcorms, and more. Her head a delicious candy attle. Oh beauty I’m very shotted. This very shotting stuff. Oh beauty that very nices. She a vicioos beef! Oh no, I’m being et by a cutie pie! Oh Beauty, I don’t know if I can handle the cuteneff. It’s too muches. She like her delicious cutie dacons and creany flavors (ice cream). Every day we review to be sure she had all her major “tines”: tlay tine, snack tine, cuddle tine, tetting tine, foodie tine, snat tine, music tine. She watches me work on my screentlays. I’m going to munch you up. You my snack cake. She a bunny-rabbit princess and she got a turkey butt, and that very ‘torpamp (important). Beauty says: “You don’t scare me. You harmleff.” “Oh my goodneff, I’m harmleff?” She says “Yes, you about as dangeruff as a puff.” “Oh Beauty, I cannot argue with this suterior logip. It flawleff.” This chin very softy. (I used to call it the “land oyster.”) She a sugar creature. “You can’t do that to Captain America, he’s a great American herone!” Are you going to climb up those cutie stairs into my heart? Let’s get some turtey for the turtey butt. I love to hear her turrin’. I’m always “tretaring” (preparing) her foodie and cutie medicines, so she’s also my little tretaredy bear. The best time is TV time, then tuck-in time, when I ask her if she enjoyed all her “tines”: tetting tine, foodie tine, sunshine tine, music tines, water tine, kissing tines, snuddly tines, treat tine, and she makes her happy snorey sounds. Sometimes I get the brush so she can have her cutie drushing. She has an excellent resune: Her hoddies include being petted, treats, being a cutie pie, and she graduated magna cat laude from Cutie Pie College. “You TURRIN’, Bear?” “I missed you terridly.” We belong to you and me. “I love hanging out with baby, and you love hanging out with papa. It’s a pretty good deal.” You munchin’ your papa? They’re not going to be any papa left! Why you so deautiful, bear? What’s your secret? Her: I don’t know, I just act like myself and people seem to like it. She’s a cranky bear when I touch her tail because it very sensitive. I call her gentle lamb. She is the light of my heart, brought me Christine and years of happiness, and I love her more than I will ever be able to express. When she goes, I have promised myself I will not get macabre; I will not wallow in “infant time.” I will embrace the NEW love that is coming, step out into the sunshine of life, knowing Beauty can never be taken from me, that she is in Heaven, and always with me in my heart, looking over me. I will be surprisingly lighthearted and HEALED afterward, if not immediately, of course, and ready to love again. I hope to be the person she thought I was.

Our songs and favorite songs (an incomplete list):

“Come Away With Me,” “Don’t Know Why,” “Chasing Pirates” – Norah Jones
“Something So Right” – Paul Simon
“Dancing in the Moonlight” – King Harvest
“Dindi” – Antônio Carlos Jobim
“Everything” – Michael Bublé
“Oh Yoko” – John Lennon
“Scary Films” – Katie Melua / “Hey, Beauty, thanks for fillin’ my dreams. With all those cutie scenes.”
“How Deep is Your Love?” – Bee Gees
“If Love Is Overrated” – Gregory Porter
“Shades of Gloria” – Gerry O’ Beirne
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams
“Catway to Hell” (my little metal head / rebellious daughter) and “Sweet Cat O’ Mine” – AC/DC ?
“Woman” – John Lennon
“Sweet Talkin’ Woman” – ELO
“Cheek to Cheek” – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong


You my terson. (person)
Snuddly bear
Baby presh
Cutie creature
You very sweetieful
You like those coldy dreezes?
It was too warn, now it too chilmy!
She licks her lips when she very hundries
She like to sleet in her little sunny stot
I like to pinch/clean those cutie toes
Those little berries
I love to kiss that cutie face
Why you so stecial?
Extra bonus kisses when she’s getting her cutie treat (pill pocket)
I love you dady dear (baby bear)
My little sugar creature
Hi cutieful deautiful
I missed you incredidly
We a couple of cuties in love
“How’s the cutest creature in this whole universe times 100 million billion? Times infinity eleventies?”
“Oh Pablo, don’t you know eleventy is the highest number that ‘ziff?”
Oh my goodness baby bear! You corecc!!
The bad guys causing many trodlems!
When you’re happy I’m happy. That’s how that works.
I love you Beauty. Yes I do love you.

The last thing I would say to her every night:

I love you, Beauty. Don’t forget.