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Style Icon: Invicta Comes to NYFW

Interview with Simone Di Stasio

Italian brand Invicta was founded in 1906. Its history is long and storied, making their recent New York Fashion Week debut with FTL Moda just a little extra special. Not to mention the fact that the presentation happened completely in virtual reality. We spoke with Simone Di Stasio about the evolution of the brand.


Virtually Amazing: Invicta

Q: This is the first time Invicta has been a part of NYFW. But it isn’t your first time in New York?

Indeed, we are not new in the U.S., but our participation in NYFW brings INVICTA to the next level in this market.

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Q: How do you feel about being a part of fashion week this year?

NYFW has been an emotional experience that Invicta couldn’t miss. We found there was a great interest in the brand. This means participation can really bring great results.

Q: At Pitti we already saw you embracing VR, to let customers paraglide over some pretty impressive mountains. How do you feel about seeing your collection in virtual reality?

We cannot deny that a product should be seen and touched. Today, through new technologies, it is possible to contextualize the product and make it yours in its dimension.

Today, through new technologies, it is possible to contextualize the product.

Q: Invicta celebrated its 110th birthday. What are you most proud of?

We are proud to be one of the brands with a lot of experience in the fashion outdoor world. Invicta is always contemporary, across different generations, as few other brands in the world.

Q: Can you tell us more about the origins of the brand?

The Invicta brand was born in England in 1906, and in 1921 opened its first artisan workshop in Italy. Thanks to continuous research on materials, features, and design, in the ’80s Invicta became a cult brand for an entire generation of youngsters and a real fashion and cultural social phenomenon, and we continue to work with the same enthusiasm of the founders.

in the ’80s Invicta became a cult brand for an entire generation of youngsters

Q: What’s coming next? Where is the brand heading?

The Invicta brand will continue, through its values, to bring its heritage to life: exploration, enthusiasm, emotion, thrill, color. These values will continue to be applied to everything Invicta is doing: contemporary products able to satisfy the needs of a global market.

Invicta’s famed Jolly Backpack

Q: What was the most impressive / emotional / funniest moment during the whole Invicta journey so far?

No doubt it was during the ’80s, when the Invicta Jolly Backpack became a worldwide Italian icon for traveling youngsters. More than 10 millions units were sold. We can also say that the Jolly Backpack has been the first not-virtual “social wall,” on which young people from all over the world have impressed their personal emotions.


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