Luxe For Less; Luxury Fashion On A Budget

Luxe For Less; Luxury Fashion On A Budget

Have you dreamed of walking out head to toe in Chanel? Or owning the latest YSL or Jimmy Choo? You’re not alone but unfortunately, it is not always feasible on the average shopping budget.

That said, you can trade your Target for Tom Ford or your Amazon Dupe for Dior without the big price tag to go with it, and here is how.

Shop pre-loved

One of the best ways to save money when buying authentic designer items is to shop for the pre-loved ones. Of course, you can take a look in your local thrift shop, there are often many pre-loved gems waiting to be unearthed amongst the rails but with the rise of the internet and selling apps, the world is now your oyster when it comes to buying pre-loved items.

If you are looking for a pre-loved LOEWE you can be sure that there will be a website or app selling one. Or perhaps watches with designed watch straps are more your thing, you won’t be hard pushed to find a website selling certified preowned Rolex watches if you know where to look. Just make sure you do your due diligence and vet the website or app you are purchasing from and remember a luxury item is still a luxury item, even if it is pre-loved so it will still have a sizeable, albeit more affordable price tag and if it doesn’t question why not.

Buy one big-ticket item

If you can budget and save for that one item that you can buy new and that you know will last you. It is a great way to get a bit of luxury that you love and to add the piece de resistance to any outfit you wear anywhere. A great way to do this is to buy a timeless bag, the YSL bucket bag for example, or the classic Chanel black shoulder bag. A bag that will never go out of style or class and that if you look after it will last forever. If a bag is too much consider opting for something smaller but still stylish, perhaps a pair of designer sunglasses or shoes.

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Hit the sales

Sales have always been a great way for getting your favorite items at a discounted price and luxury labels are no different. Sales are not just reserved for the high street. You can be sure to find high-end fashion retailers and designers discounting their lines in time for next season’s fashion week. The best thing is that now you do not have to leave your home and stand in a queue outside for hours before the shops open to take advantage of the sales. You can sign yourself up for notifications or emails from your favorite online retailers or designers and you can be notified when the sales are about to start. Be sure to add yourself to any Friends & Family lists that retailers may offer so that you can skip the virtual queue and get first refusal on the sale item. Better yet get yourself a shopping extension for your web browser which can notify you when certain saved items go on sale. Really, you never have to pay full price for items again, just bear in mind that popular sizes and colors will be the first to go if they even make it on sale in the first place.


Speaking of last season’s fashion or discounted designers, you will want to get yourself to an outlet shopping centre. Designer outlets are full of highly discounted luxury pieces that have not sold on the shelf or are a season behind. You can find so many incredible bargains at outlets, from bags, shoes to coats. Outlets area great place to pick up luxury for less.

Exchange rates

If you are lucky enough to be travelling then be sure to take advantage of the exchange rates when you do. You may often find that switching countries allows you to get more for your money and as such buying Buberry Britain may be cheaper than Largerfeld in LA. Better yet, if you are visiting a country that benefits you from advantages exchanges rates look up a designer outlet to really maximise on those discounts.


Cashback websites are a great way to build up a savings pot, money for nothing if you like. If you do a lot of online shopping there really is no reason why you shouldn’t be using money back websites. Cashback sites essentially give you anything from 1-15% back of the purchase price depending the retailer you bought from. Different sites partner with different retailers so have a good look into a few different cashback options to see which one will provide you with the most benefit. It might not seem like a lot but 1-15% back on designer items will soon mount up.


Yes, you read that correctly. Why not rent a bag, a dress or even an item of jewelery. Renting bags was not just a fad created by the writers of the Sex and the City movie. In fact renting fashion items is growing in popularity particularly as our enviromentally aware conscience is starting to take precedent and people are moving ever further away from fast fashion. Renting items allows you not to be seen in the same outfit twice, showcase luxury fashion as though it were your own and have you feeling a thousand dollars, even if it is just for the night. The best thing about it is all of this is for a fraction of the cost. You won’t be left with that niggling sense of buyers remorse as you slip into your Louboutin’s for the latest work event.

Save, save and save

If renting isn’t for you or if you simply just love the look and feel of luxury fashion then budget for it. If it is your guilty pleasure then sacrifice your morning latte so you can strut in Monolos. If your heart truly lies wrapped in designer fashion then embrace it, just be sure you save for it and you don’t spend what you don’t have.


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