Editorial Guidelines

Want to be published at FashionWeekOnline.com?

Before submitting a story for publication, please read the following guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions. It may seem like a lot, but we promise it will help you stay organized and help publication speed.

We do value:
• Stunning photography
• Stunning writing
• A sense of humor
• A spirit of kindness (no snark)

Please don’t send:
• Snarky / mean-spirited articles
• Celebrity-obsessed features (except as they may relate directly to fashion, such as the launch of a new clothing line)

Editorial Length & Construction
Your editorial (fashion, lifestyle or beauty) must include at minimum of 6 images, of varying people or outfits. We have no maximum story length. We love both menswear and womenswear features. Please note: FashionWeekOnline.com reserves the right to further crop, manipulate, or cut images from the final story to fit with magazine flow.

FashionWeekOnline.com reserves the right to change the name of your editorial. While we know you love the name you have assigned your editorial, it may not fit with what we’re planning for the month. Please know in advance that if your editorial name does not quite fit, we will change it.

We do not pay for submissions. However, we will include a link to your website and social media channels with a highly visible author box, to help promote you and your projects to our audience. Please note: Any expenses or costs of your editorial are at your own risk. However, you can query us in advance to see if your story is something we’re interested in, although that does not guarantee publication or remuneration.


Submission and artist responsibilities are broken up into a two-part workflow.

Part One: Submitting for publication

To submit an editorial for publication, please do the following:

Please Do
• Send an email containing your images to submissions AT fashionweekonline.com
• Provide contact information (to contact you if your submission is accepted)
• Include a short author bio (which we will edit for style and length)

Please Do Not
• Do not send low-resolution images
• Do not send a ZIP file (the images should be attached)
• Do not send submissions to any of our other emails or staff members; they will not be read and will be deleted. Only send submissions to submissions AT fashionweekonline.com.


Part Two: Acceptance or Rejection

If FashionWeekOnline.com chooses your submission for publication, we will respond to you as quickly as possible to notify you (1 – 2 weeks). Please note that selected stories must be exclusive to FashionWeekOnline.com.

Proper Credits
FashionWeekOnline.com requires both clothing and artistic (photography) credits. A lack of true and proper credits seriously jeopardizes the credibility of our site and your work, so please keep this in mind. If you need more time to pull credits, please seriously consider delaying your submission.

Please know that, due to the volume of editorials we receive, we can only respond to those that we accept. If you send us an editorial and do not hear back from us, chances are your editorial was not accepted. We encourage you to keep submitting your stories for future issues.

Your Responsibilities After Acceptance
We ask that you share your publication across all of your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., as applicable). We will do the same on ours. Sharing is caring.


With love,