Paris Editor Gabriela Billini
Paris Editor Gabriela Billini
Gabriela is a non-native New Yorker who travels the world to understand why people wear what they wear and how. She is an independent fashion reporter, trend chaser, and self-proclaimed beatnik.

Chicwear, not Streetwear: Jourden | Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

Punk Chic

Last season‘s Jourden presentation was a great experience, but a visit to the mind of designer Anais Jourden Mak is even better a second time around. Jourden is a brand that has its integrity in construction and curiosity in its details. They are made well and they are simply beautiful. No piece looks the same, yet they all fit the same glorious collection seamlessly.

This season, Mak went for a more baroque approach, continuing to use luxuriously rich colors with fabrics that have lots of lurex, adding depth with texture … just when I thought that wasn’t possible. One would typically think that so much lurex is sacrilegious, but not here. It even errs on passive. And as for baroque, even the models’ hairstyles had a touch of the ornate, with loose strands of curls framing their faces like a crown.

Chic Street

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The music in the showroom communicated hints of rebellion, with no precise decade, showing that the time is here and now to be chic and punk, but still dress impeccably.

The time is here and now to be chic and punk.

The designer is still holding strong against the non-streetwear trend. She refuses to compromise the elegance and wit a woman can show through dress. She is still going for luxury, while including some very minimal elements of deconstruction, such as the intentionally unfinished hemline, fussy frills, and a casual pullover sweatshirt. She does high and low in a way that looks exclusively high end, and the “low” is in the comfort, the confidence.

The designer is still holding strong against the streetwear trend.

Her flash of decadence knows no bounds and continues to satisfy in its flirty shyness and somehow still-powerful statements. The models stood by in the presentation, engaging with one another, bringing to life the feeling of sitting in a baroque Parisian salon, in 2017, lounging casually in luxury goods as if it were the new norm.

I’d be okay with that.


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